What a Week!

Thank you everyone for all the great feedback on EzCryptos. It’s all much appreciated, especially for catching the last remaining bugs/typos, and all the ideas and suggestions.

In particular, we’ve had a lot of people recommending additional programs that might be a good fit. This is OK in theory, but it’s already getting a bit hard to manage, so I’ll set up something on the site shortly to streamline the process.

We were already planning to set up a backup list… a bigger list of crypto sites that we can have ready to go, in case we have any issues with any of the portfolio programs. After seeing the response this last week, I’m now thinking we might have a submission form so you can nominate a new program… with your referral link… as long as your the first to suggest it.

We’ll have a quick look, and if it passes muster, we’ll add it to the list and anyone can join, maintaining your EzCryptos downlines as much as possible.

Then if/when any of the current Portfolio Programs give us any troubles, we can swap it out with one from that list… probably the most popular among the members unless we want to use one that uses a specific crypto?

We’ll get onto that shortly though, and post an update once we work it all out. In the meantime, please hold off on sending any more suggestions… I don’t want to miss any good ones because I’m distracted with other things… so hold them for now and we’ll have a submission process set up soon.

Beyond that, we still have a few things to finish off… swipe emails and splash pages in particular. I’ve got a few days free to work on those this week, so hopefully that will be done ready for you to really get stuck into promoting this.

Finally, I’ve had a couple of queries on the price pullback on Cryptos across the board. This is totally normal and expected. Cryptos have been on a bull run for months, and some sort of correction is actually very healthy. It just means people who got in early are taking profits and as soon as they think it’s ready to move up again, those same people will be getting back in for another run. I know I am!

For us it means, all our programs are currently discounted but 50% or more!

I don’t want to rush anyone into anything, but if you’re planning to start upgrading one or two of your programs, it’s probably as good a time as you’ll get. This pullback won’t last long and once prices start moving up again, they will probably take off pretty quickly. By my reckoning we’re about halfway through the bull cycle and there’s a few very exciting months ahead of us… so a little bit now to get things rolling should come back for you quite fast.

Standard disclaimers and warnings apply of course… do your own due diligence, only use funds you can spare, and take a long-term view. We should all have some fun before the end of the year, but what really gets me excited is the prospects of how this might develop over the NEXT four year cycle after that!

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