Watchlist Programs

Please remember, while we don’t recommend you invest in these programs, we DO recommend you join them!

These have passed our initial screening and have a reasonable chance of being added to the BuyNow list, so it’s worth getting in as quickly as possible when these are added, so your referrals can follow you in.

If you wait and you bring in new Members… or our Traffic Co-ops place new Members under you… there is a very good chance they will complete the set up before you, and you’ll miss out forever.

And if one of those new Members turns out to be a heavy-hitter, that could be a very costly miss for you.

Please, make sure you register for every available program… even if you don’t think you’ll ever use them all… you cannot know which programs your referrals are going to go hard on.

You should also call in at least once a week to see what’s new. We are constantly looking for great new programs, and we’re starting to get some excellent suggestions from members.

We are also upgrading programs from Watchlist to BuyNow as we get our results, so keep an eye out for those changes as well.

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