Viral Traffic Pages

While we’re on the subject of broken links, a lot of people have been putting the wrong info into the form on the Viral Traffic Page set up.

Some have been submitting the full URL… not the User ID as requested. Others were clearly trying to add entirely different links, which defeats the purpose and won’t work anyway.

Even worse, when YOUR referrals tried to sign up under you in the designated program, the links don’t work so you miss out there as well.

There were too many to try and fix so I’ve just deleted everything that was a link rather than a username. So if you set this up already, please check your page and make sure your links are showing correctly.

If you’re seeing someone else’s USERNAMES then you did it wrong and need to start over!

The pages are getting a lot of traffic now, so it’s worth taking a little time to get it right.

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