Video Views & Clicks

All Members can now add up to three (3) YouTube videos to their account, which we will then embed on various pages to get you some extra views and clicks. To begin with we’re adding one randomly to your profile page each time it loads and we’re also working on some ‘video gallery’ pages that should be ready next week.

This is entirely optional, so it’s NOT included in the checklist, at this stage. But if you login and go to your Profile page manager, you’ll see we’ve added a new tab for Your Videos. You can just add the YouTube Code for your video, along with a short title, a brief description and the URL for the relevant offer, and we’ll do the rest.

I would suggest you submit one video first, have a look at the way it changes your Profile Page layout, and then tweak that to get it all looking good, and then repeat for your other videos. The videos will take over the top section of the page, so you might want to revisit some of your other text & offers after that, to keep the page cohesive.

This is new, so as always, I’d appreciate any feedback, good or bad, so we can fine-tune it and get you some even better results. For now the main purpose is to get you some extra views on YouTube and help with your rankings, so make sure you have all the required info submitted on YouTube as well… keyword smart titles, descriptions, tags etc.



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