Unstoppable Viral Marketing

A key component of this Traffic System is our Viral Traffic Sites. These will eventually grow exponentially, to deliver an ongoing stream of unstoppable traffic to your offers… as long as you do the initial work to set them in motion.

The following links are some of my all-time favourite Viral Traffic Sites. You’ll see there’s quite a mix… and a couple will probably be among the ugliest sites you’ve ever seen…but the thing is they work. As long as your referrals see the potential, sign up and promote the site themselves, you will get the benefit of ever-increasing free traffic.

So we’re going to set up 10 of these to get you started, connect some ongoing traffic and then leverage those efforts in the next couple of steps to make sure you get the necessary momentum. Later on you can add other Viral Traffic Sites of your own choosing to further ramp up this traffic source, but we’ll talk more about that later.

The sites below have bee nselected because they each offer a unique approach that appeals to a different audience, and they are all capable of generating some excellent ongoing hands-free traffic once you get them up and running.

That last part is the secret…

You MUST get them started, by bringing in people who are also going to work the program.

You MUST assume that most people who sign up probably won’t do the work.

So you MUST keep on promoting them until you have enough people who will!

The good news is, if you complete each of the steps of this training, the network you build will promote these for you automatically. And over time, these sites will generate an unstoppable flow of traffic.

As long as you do the work NOW.

So the process here is quite straight forward… register, confirm your email, grab a banner and add it to your Intellibanners (ITB) Viral Programs Campaign.

What I’d also suggest is that you start a Scrapbook File… a plain text doc… and also note down all your login details, plus any alternative banner codes that might be available, so you have everything in one place if you decide to make changes later on.

One final tip before we start is, DO NOT Get Sidetracked!

You will be inundated with all kinds of offers and bonuses and extra websites you can connect to.

If something looks REALLY good, copy the URL into your scrapbook and forget about it for now. If it’s really that good, it will still be good later when you’re done here!

If try to sign up for everything now, you’ll end up getting nothing done. Just follow the steps below, ignore everything else, and I promise you, you’ll have everything you need when you’re done.

Beyond that, just start at the top and work on down…

1. Cash In On Banners

An oldie, but a goodie! This one just keeps on going, even though the website is old and the banners are ugly. The bottom line is the process works so people keep joining and promoting. So once you get it rolling, it really is perpetual traffic.

You should add your own banner when you set this up… you can try your money programs ITB campaign though they sometimes block ‘rotators’. Otherwise you can add the Demo banner we used for setting up ITB. Just make a note to remind yourself to swap it out for your preferred money program later on.

2. Free Advertising For You

This is one of the few traffic exchanges that has found a good balance between giving away some freebies and making people work! As a result it can really deliver… quality visitors and cash commissions… so it’s well worth setting up and promoting.

You get a lot of credits when you join… Promo Codes: Welcome2 and 50KBonus… so redeem them all now and we can use them later!

3. Viral Nugget

This is another quiet achiever advertising exchange. I don’t surf or read emails, but the people here do, so I’ll promote the site to earn credits, and just check in from time to time to use them up. It’s not a big membership by any means, but it is quality traffic.

You can set this up now, grab a banner for ITB and leave the rest. Let the credits build up a bit and we can come back every few months to assign them to ads or emails.

4. List Surfing

This one is a combo Safelist Mailer and Traffic exchange, and either one can can get you some very good exposure. There’s a nice sign up package included, but we’ll set those up later. This one rewards you well for referrals and your referrals activity, so it’s well worth getting it moving.

5.  1 Profit Ring

Grab a banner for ITB and if you have a website or blog, make sure you add the Profit Ring Code. This is one of those programs that just plods quietly on in the background, racking up credits. Check in every few months and you’ll find you have thousands of credits you can use to email what is a reasonably responsive list.

This will also reward you for referrals, so sign up now even if you don’t currently have a website. You can always add the Ring Code later on if you decide you do need one!

6. Infinity Hits

This is yet another example of an ugly website that works! There’s a lot of ad options included, so make sure you  set them all up to point to your money programs or else make a note to come back later. Then just add their banner to your ITB rotator and you’re done.

There is a small one-time upgrade available as well… that gets you a few extra ads and higher commissions from your referrals… which can be worth it if you’ve got a few bucks to spare. If not, don’t panic… it will be there later and there are probably better places to spend your money if funds are limited.

7. Ad Exchange Club

This is part of the Elite Tigers Group, a network of sites will be using extensively at the next step. So be careful not to get sidetracked here…

For now I just want you to register an account with a distinct/unique username. This will ensure you can use the same username on all the other sites when we get to them.

Once you’re registered, you can then use the links below… with your username inserted… to add a banner to ITB.



This guy operates a couple of dozen sites we will be using later, so you want a unique username that is unlikely to be in use at any of them… so make it complicated than add a couple of extra letters and/or numbers to be safe!

The link above will take your referrals to a page where they can sign up for ALL his websites, so this is a very powerful link to promote.

8. Viral Ad Builder

This is another site similar to CIOB. It’s also a bit old and ugly, but it works… so it’s definitely worth add this one to your network. Register, grab a banner for ITB and add a banner for one of your money programs. If you haven’t got one ready to go, just use the demo banner we provided earlier… that can actually convert pretty well on these  kinds of sites.

9. Traffic Ad Bar

This is another one that can generate some useful traffic and a few small commissions here and there. Again, there’s no surfing required if you set it up right. For now, add the TAB banner to your ITB campaign, so it can start building your network.

We’ll come back and set up your pages shortly, but for now just register, grab the banner url and your affiliate link for ITB. Don’t get sidetracked!

10. Blast My Ads

This last one is a paid site, but there are a few freebies when you sign up. You can earn extra credits from your referral activity though, and they can really add up.

You can also earn some useful cash commissions here.  The ad submission services are good value and do tend to convert quite well… so members do tend to spend … and you get paid.

So join up, grab a banner for ITB and make a note of the options you’ve got to use up. You can come back for those later, when you’ll probably have a whole lot more credits to spend if you can get a few referrals signed up first!

OK, all done? Let’s recap…

Before you move away from this page, please make sure you have at least one banner for each of these programs in your ITB Viral Traffic Campaign?

Make sure you have copied down the login links for each site, and made a note of what resources you have available at each site.

If you’ve got all that sorted, click the link below and we’ll start sending some traffic to get these Viral Websites really working for you!

Put The Free Traffic Sites To Work… The Right Way!


Adding To Your Network:

If you’ve been at this for a while, it will be tempting to add in every other viral traffic program you’ve ever joined.

I won’t say don’t do it, but I will say, be selective.

Only add those programs where you have a bit of a downline already established… AND… the people you’ve referred are promoting it as well. If your downline is all on your first level, then it’s a pretty good sign that the program doesn’t have what it takes to get people to actively promote it!