Stop Buying Ads & Start Selling Them

Now that you have some serious systems in place to generate visitor traffic, it’s a great time to re-visit the AdCardz site we’ve been using as a free advertiser. There are some major benefits of becoming an AdBoard owner instead…

Free Upgrades & Add-On on all Your Own Ads

The first big advantage to being and AdBoard owner is that instead of posting the basic free ads like we’ve been doing, you can create the ads with all the Add-Ons you like for free.

So you can use color ads, include images, keep them in the featured Ad position longer, recycle them automatically and more… free of charge. If you’ve been publishing many of these ads, you’ll know that’s an automatic saving of $10-$15 per ad on a lot of boards!

Give Away Free Ads To Generate Traffic

The first part of the formula here is simple: the more free ads you give away, the more traffic you get coming in to your AdBoard. And since you’re the one in control, you can keep your own Ads near the top getting maximum exposure even while it’s your Advertiser who are doing the work… promoting your AdBoard for you!

Get Paid Directly For All Upgrades and Add-Ons

The second part of the formula is even better: the more free ads you give away, the more Add-ons you’ll sell! You choose your strategy, set your own prices and get paid 100% of all Add-Ons. Best of all, when a visitor creates and Ad and selects one or more add-ons, our stats show they are much more likely to set up ongoing traffic to their Ad URL, ie your AdBoard, even after the Ad is activated.

So Your Customers Pay You AND Promote Your Offers!

All this means, you’ll be using the AdCardz  platform to promote your own offers AND you’ll have a growing number of free and paid advertisers who will be sending an increasing volume of traffic to your pages for you… helping you grow your business and paying you for the privilege!

So It’s Virtually Set & Forget!

Once you get your own AdBoards set up with a few of your own offers on them, it’s just a matter of getting a bit of traffic happening. And now you have your traffic machine up and running, that is easier than ever… banners to Intellibanners, URLs into TopDogs and an email into Profits Lion… and your AdBoards will pretty much grow themselves.

On top of that

Every time you create an AdCard for one of your offers, the traffic you set up for that will also be growing your AdBoard even further. So over time, your Add-on sales will not only pay for your AdBoards, they’ll probably cover all your other advertising costs as well… and then some…

So owning an AdBoard is really the perfect compliment to ANY online business you might have.

You can theme it however you like…there’s obviously plenty of generic adverting/marketing adboards on that list already, but you might have noticed some AdBaords focused on specific locations and specialised niches? These  take a little more work to get going, but once you tap your market they can really go off!

So if that sounds like a plan that would work for you, check out the link below and consider connecting a couple of your own AdBoards to your traffic system. The starter package is probably enough for most people, unless you have ideas for some specialised boards you want to create.

Why Pay For Ads When You Can Sell Them Instead?


Once you have set up your AdBoards, the strategy here is simple:

  1. Create ads on your own AdBoards, for every offer you want to promote.
  2. Then promote the direct links to those Ads on your traffic sites.
  3. You get immediate exposure and traffic to your own offers…
  4. You’re growing your AdCqrdz business at the same time
  5. New advertisers generate even more exposure for your offers as well!
  6. Any Add-on purchases come directly to you…

There is a bit of set up involved once you join, so take a time out for now and create your AdBoards properly, so you don’t need to go back.

Create Ads for all your current offers…. but don’t use too many add-ons for them just yet.

If you mostly have plain /free ads on your page when your first visitors arrive, they’ll see how much the add-ons help an ad to stand out… and they’ll be for more likely to grab ‘something’ to help their own ad.

Remember to note down the  direct URL for EVERY add you create… add that to your Top Dogs Rotator, and this will take off for you.

One final tip… if you are using your own AdBoards like this, don’t make them too big! 50-100 ads per page is plenty. Any more the page loads too slowly and won’t work so well in the rotator.

Some AdBaord Owners make their pages far too long to try and make it more appealing to the Advertisers… but most of them will understand that if they keep on sending traffic, their Ad will keep working indefinitely… even if there’s only a dozen ads on it!

OK, that’s about it for now. If you haven’t already done so, I do hope you’ll seriously consider adding this professional component to your own traffic machine… it really does have the potential to grow your traffic flow exponentially over time if you stick at it.

Here’s the link again, just in case…

Check Out The AdCards Platform


The final step of this program is still being tested…we’ll post a note to the blog if/when we formally add it to the package. So far it’s looking very promising!

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Rest assured… it’s purely blog content and definitely not a marketing list!