No More Traffic Surfing

Just in case you missed it… I’m not a big fan of traffic surfing.

The free traffic sites are all about building a membership for the owner, not delivering traffic to your offer… so they’re a total waste of your time… and borderline fraudulent!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it.

Most traffic-surfers are in a trance-like state…

So any time you do manage to snap someone out of it and get them to your website…

You’ll find you have a relatively engaged visitor!

The problem is, click-through rates and conversion rates are ridiculously low so surfing yourself for the traffic just isn’t a viable option.

Even a quality offer might need tens of thousands of Page Views to get a few hundred Clicks to get a couple of sales or signups. So surfing for that kind of traffic is just not practical.

Some people will try Paid Upgrades to bump the page views, but the numbers still won’t usually add up.

They might seem cheap at $5-$10 a month, but if you’re only getting a couple of clicks from thousands of page views, and only a percentage of those are buying, you could pay for months of upgraded membership before you make a single sale.

Fortunately there is a better way

And that is to have your pages shown on an entire network of sites, no surfing required.

There a few options out there for this and I’ve tried most of them by now. The good ones aren’t cheap, but they have all worked quite well… whenever I stuck at it for reasonable amount of time.

i.e. None of them did much the first month, but all of them did OK if I kept it going 3-4 months or more.

So if it’s a monthly subscription, you do have to monitor your costs and your conversions to make sure you are covering costs.. but you also have to give it time to work.

That’s not a problem any more though, because I’ve dropped all of them now for one relatively new website that is already doing better than all of the others combined.

It’s called Top Dog Rotator and it is the only site I use to advertise on traffic exchanges.

It was a single payment for lifetime access, and even the cheapest package gets me the same number of daily clicks I used to pay $25 a month for…

And because it’s more than just traffic-exchange traffic, those clicks that are converting better ever.

The single payment gets you a big chunk of credits, plus a monthly top-up. I got the basic package to begin with,  then was back within a month to grab a bigger package while they’re still available. With the big package of starter credits and the monthly top-ups, I think I’m probably ‘set for life’ on this site.

The Rotator itself is super-easy to use… just copy-and-paste your link and submit. You can add a description if you want, but that’s optional.

You also get 20 MicroAds… text ads shown on your Rotator pages and also throughout the Members area.

I’m getting 10-20% click-throughs on these and they can convert even better that the Rotator pages. You see there are no free members at TogDogs, so you’re showing your ads to Paid Members… people who have proven by joining that they’ll act on a good offer!

Beyond that, I just love the convenience of a single Rotator that shows my pages in over 300 different traffic websites & exchanges.

 – Create a new AdCard… put the link in TopDogs and forget about it.

 – Join a new Viral Traffic Program… add the link and move on.

 – Find a new Offer I want to promote… just let it run for a while.

So you can probably tell by now… I’m a bit of a fan!

As mentioned, it is a paid program but it is a one-time payment and it is exceptional value. Especially when you consider that you’ll get exposure on some 317 websites.

Any one of those would cost you $5-10 a month for a basic upgrade, so a one-time payment to show your URLs on all of them… forever… is an absolute bargain.

That’s my humble opinion anyway… do with it what you will!

Never Surf For Traffic Again!

Once your account is set up, come back here to check the notes below on how to integrate your own traffic systems… and turn this traffic flow into cashflow! (Or keep reading if you’re not convinced you need this!)

Rotator Links

These are unlimited, but your traffic is set ‘per account’…  so the more pages you add, the less traffic each of them gets. So probably best not to get too carried away and maybe limit it to about 10-20 links a any one time.

I’d recommend you keep a written list or spreadsheet of what links are active, what programs you’re testing, when you started each link campaign, and what you want to add next etc. The admin panel in the Members Area is quick and easy to use, but it’s a bit hard to keep track of what you’re up to, once you get a heap of links in there.

You should always use fast-loading Splash Pages… simple landing pages, opt-in pages, login ad type pages. Anything that’s going to grab attention and lure the surfer away from what they’re doing!

1. Your Money Programs.  If you have lots of pages to choose from, add them all and let it run for a week. You can then delete the worst performers to free up some room… or leave them all if they’re all getting clicks!

2. Your Viral Programs. Add a couple of Splash Pages for 1-2 of these at a time. Check back after a few weeks and swap those for the next in line once you’ve had a couple of sign up. Rinse ans repeat…

3. Your AdCardz Pages. You should have a URL for every AdCard Ad you’ve set up… submit that here and each one of those pages will very quickly take on a life of it’s own. And as long as the links are active here, the Ads you’ve set up will NEVER stop working for you!

4. Your Lockbox Programs. You can test any new program fast… just add a link to the best available splashpage… and let it run. Give it a month and you’ll have a very good idea of whether it converts or not. If it’s looking promising, add all available Splash Pages and run for another month and then leave the best in place permanently.

5. Traffic Affiliate Offers. Remember this audience is all traffic surfers desperate to get visitors to their own websites or offers, so they can make some money. So any QUALITY traffic product can convert quite well, as can LEGIT business services. What will work even better though, is if you personalise it…

6. Personal Reviews & Recommendations. The people seeing your pages are already being bombarded with hyped-up offers that are all trying to out-promise each other. So rather than just adding to the noise, what can work extremely well, is a Splash Page that’s formatted as personal blog post, talking genuinely about your experience with a particular product or service.

You can style to help it stand out and grab the viewers attention, and get them to click across to your blog for the full ‘review’. Be careful to avoid any hype or sales artwork and you will be amazed how well these pages will convert when you have traffic on tap!

(Plus it will give your Website/Blog SEO a serious boost!)

7. Dust Off The PLR Packages.  Got any old packages you never got around the setting up? Do it now, load in the squeeze pages and let it run. If you haven’ got any, check out some of the PLR Stores… you can buy complete ebook packages, with sales websites, for $10 that you can sell for $10 a pop.

With traffic on tap, you’d be crazy not to try selling a few traffic- or business-related products to this audience.

8. Build Your List. If this is your thing, find your money magnets, set up your squeeze pages and let it run. Personally I’m not a fan of this one… when you see our List Builder options in later steps you’ll understand why… but if it suits your situation, this is the easy way to do it!

9. Social Content Lockers. I’d prefer this one to traditional opt-in list building. If you have a website/blog you can set up a content locker on a blog post offering to give away something of value in exchange for a share. Drop that page into your Rotator and you’ll have hundreds of likes, shares, tweets etc coming through on auto before you know it.

10. Whatever Else You Can Think Of… this kind of traffic-on-tap is almost life-changing for anyone operating online. Use it wisely, track what you’ve got going on and don’t be afraid to experiment! I’m sure I’m only just scratching the surface here, and you’re sure to have other dozens of ideas of your own once you get started!

2. Micro Ads

These are short text ads and you can have 20 of them running at any one time. As mentioned, I’m getting 20%+ click-throughs on most of mine.

Remember these are going to be seen by (paying) members of TopDogs. Your traffic surfers will see them too, but there’s no reward for that, so my gut feeling is most of the clicks will be coming from the other members.

So I mostly use these for my main Money Programs and any New Programs that the other members might not have seen yet…

In particular, Micro Ads linking to AdCards Pages for New Programs are working fantastic!

Whatever you do with them, I would recommend you keep track of the ads you use, how many hits/click they got over what time frame. That way you can keep swapping them out and still have a record of what works and what doesn’t.

Variety is probably the best thing… I’m not changing my URLs a whole lot, but I do try to change the texts every week or so to keep them fresh!

If you haven’t looked it over yet, you can do it below.  Even if you think you’re not ready to pay for traffic just yet, please do check it out!

Check Out Top Dogs Traffic Rotator

Have a look at how it works and what’s on offer… then think about the time and effort you’d put in to generate the same amount of traffic. It will give you a whole new appreciation for the value of your time!

OK, that turned into a longer one, but hopefully you got a load of ideas there?

I also hope you’ve not got your own Tog Dogs Rotator set up and pumping traffic to your pages!

If you have, then you’re ready to move on to the next step…

Time To Drop The Safelist Mailers