No More Safelist Mailers

Credit Mailers are another time drain that are never going to deliver…

Either the website owners give away so many credits that no one has to read any emails. Or else you spend hours clicking for credits, just so you can send your own email to people who really aren’t interested either.

Well the good news is, if you’ve been doing the work along the way, you should be seeing some results by now. And if you’re directing that traffic to a half-decent offer, you should be generating whatever leads or signups or sales your business requires?

If that’s the case, you should consider reinvesting some of those profits
into one of the best paid traffic systems I’ve ever encountered.

It’s called Profits Lion and it is the only safelist mailer platform I’ll use.  It does have a free option, which looks like it would be a pretty good safelist mailer… as far as safelist mailers go… but I really can’t recommend you use it on that basis. The time you spend clicking on emails would be far better spent on pretty much ANYTHING else…

On the other hand, if you take an upgrade it becomes a whole different animal

The paid version really is the ultimate email marketing tool!

Every email is guaranteed 1000+ views.

Forget about logging into a safelist mailer site, reading loads of emails to earn credits, and then using those to send your own message out, hoping to get 50-100 clicks… if you’re lucky…

With Profits Lion, your emails stay in circulation until you get 1000-1500 views!

Your Emails Go Out Automatically

There’s no need to login every day and definitely no need to jump through any hoops to send. Just load and activate your email and it will go out every day like clockwork.

You can save multiple emails and swap them any time you like, so as soon as one stops working, the next is there ready to go.

Your Emails Are Read By Buyers

There’s a weekly contest that seems to be dominated by paid members… which means many of the people reading your emails are people who have proven that they will pull out the credit card for the right offer.

So far I’ve tried our own top-end membership programs and a couple of tacky low-end offers… and a few in between… and every email has converted on my offer pages.

Again, my experience here is totally with the paid version, which is either a recurring subscription payment, or a fairly hefty lifetime payment.

I’ll usually do my best to avoid recurring payments… unless I come across something that really delivers tangible value, every single month I’m a member… just like this.

I can’t know your situation right now, but if you’ve made it this far, I’d encourage you to consider the monthly option for starters… if you can afford it.

Try sending a few emails of your best converting offer, and I’d be really surprised if you didn’t cover your costs within the first week!

Either way, you’ll have a full month to email daily and find out for yourself if it’s the right audience for your offers!

The Ultimate Email Marketing System


Once you’ve set up an account, you want to get an email in there ASAP.

I’ve had some very good results sending this traffic to Stacked AdCard Pages for my money programs, so if you have one of those set up, write an email for that program and set it to auto-send.

You can then take your time to decide what you want to promote next…

I usually try to test a few different ‘angles’ in the email, and a few different landing pages, but there’s no hard and fast rules that I can see, except Test & Track…

And when you find a combo that’s working well, let it run for a week or two. That can get you 15,000-20,000 views, which should get you some pretty useful results.

If it does, give it a break, but leave it in the system so you can re-run if for a week here and there.

If it doesn’t convert, that’s OK, just drop it and move on the the next offer!

You have all the time in the world to experiment and see what’s going to work for you. Most campaigns will go stale over time, so keep shaking thing up, and any time you re-run a campaign you’ve pushed hard before, make sure you try some new subject lines!

I also try to keep a few ‘traffic system’ emails ready to go, to feed a few more people into my system from time to time. In particular, I’ve got a few that give some of my Viral Programs a push in the Blog Post format mentioned in the previous step. If I don’t over do it, these are usually good for a couple of signups a day!

Again, it’s traffic on demand, so your options are unlimited… and again, I’d strongly recommend you at least sign up for this one, even as a free Member, just so you can see what I’ve been talking about. Then when you’re ready to dive in, you’ll already have some emails loaded ready to go!

The Ultimate Email Marketing System


And as mentioned, the AdCards Ad Pages for my Money Programs go really well here… feeding my traffic system as a whole and getting eyeballs onto my money program sales pages.

There’s one more step you can take with those though, that will allow you to make money while you promote your various offers…

Stop Buying Ads & Start Selling Them