No-Click Viral AdBoards

This site lets you create Viral Ads on various AdBoards. You’re then required to send a small amount of traffic to activate the ad. Other people follow you in and create their own ads, and they all send traffic as well. Done properly, this continues on indefinitely, generating an ever-increasing volume of traffic.

There are several powerful strategies for using these that we’ll cover later, but for now we’re just going to post Free Ads on other people’s AdBoards.

The process is quite simple…

    1. Enter your headline
    2. Enter your ad text
    3. Submit it…

There are all kinds of paid add-ons if you want them, but this strategy works fine without them.

Once you create your ad, you will need to generate a minimum number of unique hits to activate it. You can get the ball rolling with a few social shares, then we’ll set up something ongoing to take this to a whole new level.

You see, after your Ad is ‘activated’ it gets shown at the top of the page as new visitors arrive on the AdBoard.

As people create more Ads, your Ad will gradually work it’s way down the page until it disappears off the bottom.

By the time that happens, there will have been hundreds of other people sending traffic to that page to activate their own Ads… generating exposure for you as well.

So if all you ever did was activate your Ad and forget about it, you’d still get some excellent exposure for a few months until it cycled off the bottom of the page.


As long as you’re sending new people to your page, your Ad will showing at the top for those people…

And if any of them create their own Ad, your Ads stays in #2 position for all their traffic.

And your Ad will will continue to show on that ‘leg’ for as long as people who come in behind you keep on creating and promoting their own new ads.

Bottom line… as long as you keep sending a little bit of traffic, this will keep growing, forever!

This really is perpetual traffic…

As long as you make the initial effort to get it started AND keep sending a small amount of on going traffic it will never stop showing your Ad.

So our strategy here is super-simple…

  1. Select an Adboard
  2. Create Your Ad(s)
  3. Share Your Ad Link(s)
  4. Set Up On-Going Traffic

We’ll do this for one or more of your main Money Programs…these should be your main earners: usually a product of your own or an offer you get a commission on.  If do you have more than one money program to promote, check for the advanced Stacking Strategy at the bottom of this page… otherwise, let’s get started!

Create Your First Ad(s)…

The link below goes to a listing of popular AdBoards on the AdCardz site. Try to find the most relevant AdBoard for your offer.

View Available Viral AdBoards

Then just create your ad, confirm your email and grab your referral link for that Ad Page.

Make sure you share the Ad Page to get the ball rolling. The most important thing here is to activate your Ad quickly and then keep the traffic going…

As long as you promote your Ad, the AdBoard will keep generating exponentially more traffic back to you.

So an easy solution is to revisit the ETG sites and create text links pointing to all your Ad Pages.

Set up a Full Page Ad using your main money program Ad Page as well, and that should be plenty to activate and perpetuate your Ads. Once your Ad Page is activated and fed by even a small volume of traffic, it will quickly become it’s own self-powered traffic machine!

Of course if you’ve got a good Rotator with plenty of available traffic, it takes about 30 seconds to add all these links to a Rotator and just let it run… so that’s what we’ll set up for you next!

No More Traffic Surfing


Advanced Stacking Strategy

If you’re promoting multiple programs you might want to try this…

If you have multiple programs to promote, you can stack your ads on a single page and promote them all, with your most important money program in the featured ad position at the top.

For example, lets say you have three money programs you wanted to promote… A is your best, then B, then C is least important to you.

1. Create your first ad for program C. Share the C Page link socially to start the activation process.

2. Open the C Page link and create an Ad for program B. Share the B Page link socially as well to start the activation process.

3. Open the B Page link and create an Ad for program A. Share the A Page link socially as well start the activation process.

4. You can then add all three URLs to a rotator, to make sure they get the rest of the required traffic to activate the ads.

Once all three Ads are are active, remove the links to B and C from the rotator and set it so all the traffic is now going to your Ad page for program A… your main money program ad page.

Now, anyone arriving there will see your Ad for program A in the Featured Ad position…


They’ll see Ads for programs B and C right up at the top of the page as well…


They might create an ad of their own and perpetuate all three of your Ad listings.