The Right Way To Use Free Traffic Sites

If you’ve looked around this website at all, you’ll know I think Free Traffic Websites are mostly one big scam. Most are nothing more than list-builders for the owners, and any traffic you might get is just a happy coincidence… if it happens at all.

That said, once you recognise that the system is flawed, there are ways you can extract plenty of valuable traffic from them.

The trick is to get your visitors WITHOUT wasting time, effort or money on them.

The good news is, most free traffic sites… and I’m talking traffic exchanges, safelist mailers and combo sites where you can do both… they all giveaway a package of credits of some sort when you join.

Some are more generous than others, but there is a major downside to that:

A lot of sites give away huge credit packages, especially when they’re starting out and trying to build up their membership. This works great to bring in new Members, but it renders the site useless to anyone who actually needs traffic!

They’re killing you with kindness…

If everyone gets more credits than they could ever use…

No one has any reason to actually surf or read emails?

So those credits they gave you are actually worthless.

The other thing to remember is, it really doesn’t matter to the website owner whether their site works or not!

They’re building a free membership site so they can sell other stuff to their members. Few people ever buy the Membership upgrades and NO ONE ever does it more than once.

So it makes no difference to the website owner if the site actually generates useful traffic FOR the members.

As long as they keep giving away credits and you keep coming back to use them up… the owner has another chance to sell you something.

To be clear…

I’m sure most traffic site owners don’t set out to mislead people or deliberately waste their time.

They’re just trying to get their traffic website up and running…

But because they’re giving away so much stuff

No one gets any useful traffic for their efforts

So they stop coming back…

So the owner has to give away even more credits to bring in new Members.

Again, the business model is all about building membership for the owner, not generating traffic for you.

For all that, this is actually good for us…

We take the credits when offered, but we ONLY use the ones that work for us.

We look for the Set-and-Forget options and use them all!

In particular, I love Banner Credits.

Best of all, Lifetime Banner Ads!

But I’ll also use Text Ads, Login Ads, Full Page Surf Ads

As long as I don’t have to do anything except set them up.

Solo Ads are a different category… when we get to setting up the sites below you’ll see you can get a lot of these, but most probably aren’t worth the effort.

So while I’m setting things up, I might send one solo ad to test it out. I’ll check back a month later and if it got 100+ clicks I’ll send another. Otherwise I’ll set up a reminder to try again in 6 months time when the membership is a bit bigger.

OK, here’s the general plan…

    • Create an account
    • Redeem any available Promo Codes
    • Set up all available Banners
    • Set up all available Text Links
    • Set up all available Login Ads
    • Set up all available Full Page Ads

… as much as possible…

Ideally, if you have offers already that you want to promote, you’ll be able to set all these up on the first visit and never have to go back.

Realistically, you might be just starting out, or you might change your focus later on. That’s OK… just do as much as you can now, so you can put off going back as long as possible!

If you take a moment to get your ad content ready now, you’ll find the rest of the process a whole lot easier and faster. So go back to your Scrapbook file…

Write out the following before you go any further…

Banner Ads: Your 5-10 Intellibanners Campaign Codes

This is the easy one… we’ll be using the Intellibanners Campaigns everywhere, so you can change your banner selection on ITB and they will automatically update on every site you ever use.

You should already have your codes written down… image URL + link URL… for each campaign.

Text Ads: 1-10 Affiliate links, each with suitable Link Text.

These don’t get a lot of clicks even when you write them well, so make sure these really demand attention, create curiosity and make people stop and click.

You can create multiple links to the same offer, or have 10 different offers. It’s entirely up to you.

Login Ads: Affiliate link plus a link to a suitable image.

These are usually 600px x 300px images that need to be already hosted somewhere. So ideally you’d just grab the link from the affiliate tools page and use that.

Alternatively, you can make your own images and use those, or you can use the HTML editor on the traffic sites and create your own ads. If you take that approach, aim for a similar sized ad, and copy the html code to your scrapbook file, ready to paste into the next site.

Full Page Ads: Affiliate links to splash pages for your offers.

These should be landing pages, not the full sales page. You want something that loads almost instantly, does a great job of grabbing the viewers attention and coaxes them away from their traffic surfing and across to the main offer.

So again, get as much of this ‘ready’ now as possible, and you’ll get through this a whole lot faster and save yourself loads of backtracking.

There’s one more resource site we’ll use while we set this up, and that’s the Traffic Codex site. This has loads of Promo Codes for hundreds of different traffic sites.

Open Traffic Codex Website

You should open this site in a window and check for codes for each website as you’re setting it up. Some won’t be there, others will have codes but they won’t be recognised… but you’ll definitely find a few that get you extra credits and ads, so it’s worth a minute to check and see.

(Don’t waste time on the ‘downline builder’… too much work for minimal return!)

Part 1. Your Viral Sites

Now that you’ve got your Ad Content ready, it’s a good idea to quickly revisit each of our Viral Traffic Sites and make sure you have set up all available advertising.

1. Cash In On Banners – This one should be OK if you added your banners when you set it up?

2. Free Advertising For You – This is one has a lot of ad options, so take your time and make sure you get them all. If you can set it to open up in your browser every morning for a month… and you take a minute to login… you’ll qualify for their rotator which is very good exposure if you’ve got an offer ready to go?

3. Viral Nugget – The welcome package here varies a bit, but may require some surfing to activate, so wait for referral bonuses instead.  For now, check to see that you’ve used any banner or text ads etc. Keep an eye on it every couple of months as ongoing ‘referral contests’ can really add up.

4. List Surfing – This another where the welcome package changes a bit, so just check all ad options and make sure you use whatever is available. If you have an offer ready, it can be worth a short surfing session to activate your Full Page Ad in the traffic exchange. This is the only time I’ll tell you to surf!!!

5.  1 Profit Ring – Make sure you submitted your ads and have added the Ring Code to any websites or blogs you have.

6. Infinity Hits – Make sure you’ve covered all the ad options… there’s a few! … especially if you grabbed the lifetime upgrade.

7. Ad Exchange Club – Leave this one for now, we’ll come back to this and the rest of the ETG network… shortly!

8. Viral Ad Builder – If you submitted your ad when you set this up, you should be right.

9. Traffic Ad Bar – This is a little more complicated, but worth the effort…

1. Login and click on Advertising, and add 3 of your Full Page Ads URLs in the Websites section. Set your preferred one as your Primary Website. This will get most of your TAB traffic.

2. Copy the TAB links for each of your Full Page Ads to your Scrapbook File… make a note of which offer each one goes to, because it will be a little while before we use these!

10. Blast my Ads – Set up any free ads you’ve got, but save any credits for now… you can put those to better use later when you’ve had a few referrals and gotten a bit more to spend!

OK, if you’ve done all that, you really don’t have any need to go back to these sites for a long time. If you use Google Calendar, you could even create a reminder for 3-4 months time, and copy the links into that… and forget about those until then!

Part 2. The Elite Tigers Group

Now we get to the hardest part. It’s not difficult but it is tedious.  If you’re going to quit or take shortcuts, this is probably where it will happen…

So it takes a lot of self discipline to stick at it and get the job done PROPERLY. The biggest trap is any time you start thinking … I’m come back and do that later

The second you find yourself heading that direction, stop, take a break if you must… but don’t move on until you finish that job.

The goal here is to NEVER have to go back.

That is the only way this is worth the effort. If you revisit every site a dozen times to get the job done, you are seriously wasting time and effort.

That’s literally how I built most of my system, because I was constantly adding to it and working out how to put the pieces together… so I am giving you a massive shortcut here, if you choose to use it!

Do it right, do it once… and move on!

OK, the list of websites below is a great way to get started, but really you can follow this process on any traffic site with a half-decent welcome package. There’s a few advantages of starting here though…

There’s a lot of similar sites, so you can get through them quickly…

This guy loves to give away all kinds of bonuses…

And many of them are totally set-and-forget.

So start with these now. It’s a lot of work but well worth the effort. You can look for your own options later on… and they’ll be a breeze after this lot!

Where ever you start the process is the same…

    1. Register a new account
    2. Redeem any promo codes
    3. Set up all available ads

Keep in mind most of these website will never generate much traffic on their own, but if you keep at it, they can really add up fast.

You’ve already joined one of these sites in the Viral Programs… Ad Exchange Club…  so now it’s time to get on board with the rest, ideally with the same username for each.

This guy loves to launch new sites so the list below may change in the future… just keep an eye out, and if you think it’s worth the effort you can always run through this again for any new sites as they appear.

Did I mention he also loves to give away credits?

He gives away so many credits, I can’t imagine anyone ever using them all up.

So it actually surprises me sometimes, how many clicks the ads get… even the Solos can work OK on the bigger sites… so he must be bringing in a lot of newbies who are still working things out.

At time of writing, he has 25 sites, all basically the same. When you join you’ll get a decent package of ads and credits … usually with the ‘welcome‘ promo code.

You can also click the link below and see if there’s any additional codes available.

Elite Tigers Group Calendar Promos

At time of writing you should be able to get 3. Just click on each of the available days and make a note of that day’s Promo Code. You can redeem those on each of the sites you’ll set up next.

Bookmark that page while; you’re there, because you want to call back every few days to get the next 3 codes!

So your job now is to work your way through each of the sites below…

  1. Register an account, try to use the same username on all of them.
  2. Redeem the welcome promo code + any daily codes you grabbed.
  3. Set up the available ads

Make a note of your usernames and passwords for each because you will need to revisit each of these at least one more time before we’re done…



Part 3. Load Up Your Accounts!

If you grabbed the extra Daily Codes just before, you can leave this for a few days…otherwise, here’s a few more details…

This guy runs some BIG ad campaigns that last a month and give out extra promo codes every single day. These are so generous that if you grab all of them, you’re going to be ‘set for life’ on these sites.

It doesn’t run every month though… and they could stop altogether at any time… so basically it’s a case of checking the link below and seeing what’s on offer.

Check For An ETG Monthly Promo

If there’s a promo running, you’ll see the details. Just click on today’s date, and you’ll see today’s promo code. That will (usually) work on all the sites. Repeat for the other available days and make a note of the codes somewhere.

Then go back and work through the list of sites to redeem the codes on each of them.

At this stage

You can only access the last three days codes, after that they are gone for good.

So you need to check this link every three days for the entire month, to grab all the codes.

Currently though, the codes will all still work, up until the end of the month.

So you can get them all and then login once to each site to redeem them all.

Be aware that could change, so please check it or else just login to all the sites every three days for a month to redeem the codes.

If there’s no promo running, check back at the start of next month to see if there’s one starting. As soon as one does, you can grab the 30-odd promo codes and load up your accounts.

It’s a bit of work but it will basically set you up for a lifetime of advertising across this entire network. So it is definitely worth the effort.

In particular keep your eye out for Lifetime Banner Ads… they’re totally set and forget, and they do get clicks.

You can send a Solo while you’re at it if you have an offer ready to go… check back in a month to see if it’s worth repeating.

Finally, make a note of the credits you have available on each site.

They can be used to buy any of the ad options as required. I mostly use them for Full Page Ads and Login Ads… both get a lot of clicks… but for the most part I leave those there, and only redeem them when I have a new offer to push.

Part 4. Rinse & Repeat!

Now you know the process, the trick is to keep on repeating it on a regular basis.

There are literally thousands of free traffic exchanges and safelist mailers out there, and most of them will give you some sort of welcome package. You can start with the Traffic Codex site and look for the most recent Promo Codes… (the highest rated are often expired, so not worth the effort!).

Then set aside some time once or twice a month, pick a couple of new websites to join, redeem some promo codes and set up the ads.

Use up everything on offer and walk away!

That might sound a bit mercenary… like you’re taking advantage of the traffic website owners… but just remember, they’re in this to grow their membership, not to generate traffic for their members.

So you’ve completed your part of the deal just by signing up.

From there it’s totally on them to keep you engaged.

And if they don’t do that on your first visit, they’ve missed their chance!

Some websites will be more generous than others, but you won’t know that until you’ve signed up… so even if it’s a dud package, you may as well set up whatever ads they did give you.

Rest assured though, if you stick at it you will find plenty that offer some excellent packages… and over time your free traffic machine will deliver a serious volume of hands-free traffic.

On those rare occasions you find a free site that actually delivers good quality traffic, you might find it useful to change your links to ‘tracking links’… so you can see if it’s worth trying an upgrade. Generally though you won’t find too many of these that deliver as free sites.

Finally… know when to stop!

This free traffic strategy is a means to an end.

Mostly we’re looking to get your Viral Traffic Sites activated and working for you.

Once you set this up, they will quietly build up over time into something quite substantial.

At any time you can add a few more as easily as adding their banners to Intellibanners and a Splash Page into your Rotator… so even 2 a month will double your daily traffic over the course of a year.

Don’t forget you’ll also have a steady flow of traffic from all the other ad options. If you use all the ETG sites and add a few more of your own choosing, this can generate a pretty significant volume of visitor traffic…

And if you’re sending those visitors to some good offers, you should start making some useful sales or commissions.

And that’s when you should start to think about some of our paid options.

They will get you a whole lot more visitor traffic… on demand… which will take your business to a whole new level.

Of course you don’t need to wait and you can dive in anytime you have the funds. It’s not as expensive as you might think, and the benefits are enormous. Just before we get to that though, there’s one more free advertising option worth a look…

Set & Forget Perpetual Traffic