Banner Ads That Work

This article requires a comprehenisve update. We now use the EzAdz platform instead of Intellibanners. It offers all the same features as Intellibanners, plus a whole lot more. All free, easy to use and super effective. The general process outlined here here will work, but be aware some things might not match up 100% until we update the instructions.

It’s likely you’ve heard conflicting statements about Banner Advertising. On one hand you’ll hear that people are blind to Banner Ads and never even notice them, let alone click on them. But then others will insist that Banner Traffic converts really well?

Well you should know, both statements are true!

The fact is, your Banner Ads won’t get many clicks. 1-2 clicks per thousand impressions is pretty good.

The thing is…

When you do get a click, that is one very engaged visitor who saw your banner, considered it’s promise and made a conscious decision to check out your offer!

So a better explanation might be…

People ONLY See and Click Banners that are Relevant To Them.

The trick to banner advertising is to find a way to…

1. Get relevant banners in front of an appropriate audience…

2. On a large enough scale to generate some useful click-throughs.

Generate enough Relevant Impressions and you will get clicks and those clicks will convert.

Here’s how I do it...

Introducing EzAdz

On the surface this looks like a fairly standard banner rotator, but there’s one very important twist.

You add multiple banners to a campaign, and then you can use a single block of code to show those banners randomly on other sites. So if you add the EzAdz code to 50 different websites, when you swap out a banner on EzAdz, those changes are made on every site automatically.

The magic is that the EzAdz code is a standard image link.

This means you can insert that anywhere you’d normally insert your own individual banners.

Most banner exchanges need you to use a complex chunk of code you can only really use on your own websites. The EzAdz approach lets you publish your banner campaigns EVERYWHERE!

For starters we’re going to create an account and set up a few ‘Campaigns’ so we can use those on the next couple of steps. You will need to come back here and add more banners as we set up the different accounts, so leave the website open when you’re done.

1. Create A New EzAdz Account

This is quite straightforward… fill out the form, confirm your mail and login.

Open EzAdz & Sign Up

*** There is an OTO that is definitely worth considering when you have the funds available. Among other things, it adds your banners to their Co-op, which will get you a ton of extra exposure for your banners. A free account is fine for now, but do make a note to revisit the OTO if it pops up again!

2. Create A New Campaign

For simplicity, I’d really recommend you come up with a campaign name that is short and unique, even if it’s just a few random letters.

For example, I use srsly for most of mine, so individual campaigns are srsly1, srsly2, srsly3 etc. This makes it a whole lot easier and faster when it comes time to add you campaign links to various traffic sites.

So when it comes time to add my campaign codes to various websites, I can basically copy-and-paste those links into the webforms and just change the numbers.  (If that doesn’t make perfect sense, just trust me… it will make sense later!)

You should create 10 campaigns.

Most of my traffic goes through the first 3-4 campaigns, but I use the other campaigns all the time, so set them all up now so and they’ll be ready to go when you need them.

You should also add at least one banner to each campaign. This is just a matter of adding the URL for a Banner to the Banner Image URL field and your affiliate link for that site to the Banner Target URL field.

No Banners Ready To Go?

If you don’t have a banner ready to go, you can use the one below. Just make sure you add your Clickbank ID and use that for now. (We’ll be back here very soon, so you can swap it out then!)

Demo Banner URL:

Affiliate Link:

That will add this banner to the campaign… with you as the referring affiliate… so you won’t miss out on any potential click-throughs while we’re getting you set up!

Once you have these campaigns set up, you should have a list of URL pairs… Campaign Image URL and Campaign Target URL … which should be identical, except for the number at the end…

And so on.

If that makes sense, you only need to copy down the first pair. You can then just change the number to use a different campaign as required.

So double check that you’ve got that sorted, and that you’ve added at least one banner to each campaign, and we’re ready to move on. You won’t be able to post your Campaign Codes to any other traffic sites until there’s a banner in  each, so make sure you do that now.

Using Multiple Campaigns:

It’s up to you how you do this, but I personally use the multiple campaigns as follows…

#1. My Money Programs: I add up to 10 banners for my own programs that I want to give maximum exposure to. I always insert this campaign first, so it gets the most exposure.

#2. Viral Program Launcher: I add up to 10 banners for various viral traffic programs. Once a program is growing under it’s own steam I’ll move it down to #4. Plus I’ll swap out those that don’t work and try new viral traffic programs in their place.

#3. My Lockbox Programs: I’ll use this campaign to test new programs for 2-3 months to see if they convert. When I find a winner, I’ll move it to the #1 campaign.

#4. Viral Program Maintainer: this campaign provides some extra exposure for those viral programs that are up and running and generating traffic. This keeps it growing and expanding.

#5-#10. Targeted Ad Sets: I use these campaigns to show sets of relevant banners on specific sites… for example one is all crpyto offers for my crypto sites, another is all FX offers for my trading sites, another shows photo offers for my photography sites etc. These don’t get used as often, so they get a lot less exposure.

I’d really encourage you to create the 10 campaigns now and add at least one banner to each, so you can get all ten campaign codes ‘out there’ as you complete the next couple of steps. That way they’re already in place, generating traffic when you’re ready to use them.

And when you see how well this works, you will want to use them!

OK, that’s it for now.

The next step of this workflow is to set up some Viral Traffic Sites. As you set up each of those you should grab a banner and add it to your own Viral Traffic Campaign on EzAdz, along with your affiliate link. So you can leave the EzAdz
website open, ready to go.

Setting up your Viral Traffic Sites