Tron Banners Upgrade on Sale!

There’s a double discount on offer right now on Tron Banners.

Until a week or so back, the price of TRX had gone up significantly for a few months, and the program upgrade had become quite expensive. So the owner had changed things around to make it a whole lot cheaper without impacting your earning potential.

That was a bonus in it’s own right, but the crypto price drop of the last couple of weeks, has now discounted that even further!

Tron has gone from 17cents a couple of weeks back, to 8 cents today… that’s a 50%+ discount on an already discounted upgrade!

If you joined this one and put off the upgrade because of the price, I doubt you’ll ever get a better deal.

Crypto prices across the board seem to have bottomed now, so I think you’ve got a temporary window before they start climbing again and take out the previous highs…

Tron peaked at 30c in the previous cycle, and I’m seeing forecasts of $1 or more by the end of the year… making this a great time to lock in a discount upgrade AND start earning extra TRON hands-free!

Something to consider anyway…

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