The AdCardz Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program has just been approved by Clickbank and we are ready to go. If you’ve already saved your Clickbank ID to your profile, then your AdBoard will already be showing your affiliate link.

That will appear as the ‘Get Your Own AdBoard’ link in the footer of your pages.

If anyone clicks that and signs up, you get paid… so simply by promoting your AdBoards you are also positioning yourself to earn recurring commissions from AdCardz.

If you missed this earlier, then I’ll encourage everyone to get a Clickbank ID and save it to your AdCardz profile ASAP.

Once you do that you have two options:

1. If you just want to promote this passively via your AdBoards…

You’ll find a link to the Members Affiliate Program page in your dashboard, under ‘Your Account’. That has all the info you need, a link to create a Clickbank ID and a simple form to save it to your profile.

Do that and you’re done…

2. Or… if you want to promote this more actively…

You’ll find a link to the ‘full’ affiliate tools section, which has loads of banners, email swipes, social images and more, including lots of ideas and strategies to get things moving fast.

I do want to stress though, this should NOT be your main focus…

Partly because we don’t want this to be seen as some sort of get-rich quick or ponzi scheme where people are only in it to sign up other people. If that starts to happen we wil

But mostly because you’ll do much better promoting your own AdBoards and reaping all the benefits there. The affiliate commissions could be some very tasty cream on top of that but you’re own business should be 100x more profitable if you focus on that!

Members Affiliate Program Info | Public Affiliate Tools Page

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