Stealth List Building Formula Review – Stealth List Building Formula


Stealth List Building Formula Review


Created By David Dekel, Reed Floren,
Pallab Ghosal and Eugene Collinger

What Is Stealth List Building Formula?

The course will teach you how to build a relationship between yourself and your prospects (email list) in a better and faster way. David has discovered a little tool that actually does all of this for you. With David’s training, it will only take 10 to 15 minutes to learn how to build your list so “they will eat out of your hands!”

You will know who is on your list, what they want, how you can help them the most, what they need the most. You will learn how to promote to them in the most effective way while keeping them happy as they will be getting exactly what they wanted.

This program is for experienced Internet marketers as well as complete newbies to help build your list in an effective manner. This program will help to advance your business to the next level. For The First Time EVER You Can Now”Read Minds” And Use It To Earn DAILY COMMISSIONS On Auto Pilot…

David will teach you a “secret underground” method that will build your list in a much more profitable way. It is really the opposite way that everyone else is teaching you right now. He actually built a list of over 45,000 members in a four month period using this method. No one else is using this method right now to collect their emails and to market their sales.

Either people do not know about this method or they believe it is too time consuming.

It only takes around 15 minutes to set up the system. There will be ZERO guess-work. Your success depends on WHO you learn from.

The methodology, the psychology of this course by pre-qualifying people before they opt-in to your list and learn exactly what they want will make a relationship between you and your list and you will make money – you will sell. They want to buy from people they know, like and trust.

In the Members Area:

Seven Video training modules (They take about an hour of your time to watch and learn).

Module 1: Building A List Of Subscribers.
Module 2: How David Put The Method Together.
Module 3: Building a Squeeze page.
Module 4: How to Analyze data and apply it.
Module 5: Create promotions on the data you collected.
Module 6: Customize your Thank You Page.
Module 7: Targeted Traffic.

You will also find the Bonuses given to you by David mentioned below in the Member’s Area and a couple unannounced bonuses also.

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david dekel
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