Simple Traffic System

Just launched a new website and looking to get some traffic happening? Here’s the resource list we use for every new website we create. Just start at the top and work through the list to get your site indexed, create backlinks & immediately visitor flow, and to generate valuable social signals…

Directory Submissions

The trick here is to NOT over do it. Use one service at a time, then leave it for a week before moving on to the next. If Google or Bing submissions are offered in the list, unselect those if you can. Use a throwaway GMail address to submit, and make sure you confirm all submissions.

You will need to add a link back to a lot of these sites, so it’s worth setting up a traffic page similar to this, and to add the links that way…


Viral Ad Swaps & Campaigns

  • Viral Adcardz – Dozens of AdBoards to choose from so pick a few of the most relevant and create some ads. Set up a few links and run few promos to ‘activate’ your ads and this one will keep working indefinitely. If you’ve got a few websites and/or offers to promote, consider getting your own Adboard… you can promote multiple offers AND sell advertising yourself!
  • Cash In On Banners – Set-and-forget viral banner exchange. Takes a while to get going so set it up ASAP, add some banners/links to your site and let it go to work in the background. Once it starts its unstoppable… and well worth the one-time upgrade if you’re going to do the work to get things moving!
  • Free Advertising For You – About the only Advertising Exchange I bother with… sign up for a new account above and you’ll get a big package of free ads. Set all of them up and you’ll give your new site a big boost. Even better, spend a little time earning ‘activity’ points and you can add your new site to the rotator where it will get a lot of exposure. (Use a suitable ‘splash’ style page for best results).
  • AdBoardz -another set and forget viral options. Create an account, post your ads and set up a couple of backlinks to keep it moving. It’s takes a while but it’s worth the wait!


Social Signals & Social Lockers

  • FollowLike Social Exchange – I use this one site for pretty much ‘everything’ social. You do either have to earn or buy credits here, but either way it’s worth it. Create multiple campaigns to have other members Share & Like your website on Facebook, create Pinterest or Instagram posts linking to your site, Tweet about your site… or any other kind of social action. Use as many different pages as possible and make them pages that other people might share on their own.
  • Use A Social Locker To Promote some posts. Create a catchy/engaging post and put a ‘social gate’ on it so people have to share your page or website before they can view it. (Look for the Social Locker WP plugin!)
  • Use Your Own Social Accounts – it should go without saying, but like, share and link to every new post you publish on every social media account you have.  And don’t be shy on asking your connections to help you out by doing the same!

Paid Traffic Options

Traffic Hoopla – this is my go-to option when I want some instant traffic to launch a new website. I usually grab a 500 hits/day package for a month and use a rotator to split it over a few different pages… usually my main offer for the site, and optin page, a social locker page and a couple of my best posts or articles. I can very quickly measure the response/performance, and know if it’s worth continuing or whether more work is required.

Udimi Solo Emails – if the website has an offer that suits email marketing, I’ll buy a test solo from a couple of users on this site. Needless to say, if they convert, I’ll keep going back for more for as long as it’s working.

Kris Clicks – this one is good for faster campaigns where you just want to get a load of traffic to a specific page, fast. Packages are very reasonable and the conversions are usually pretty good for any sort of IM offer.

A Word on Paid Traffic In General

More often than not, it’s going to disappoint! There’s a lot of gimmicky offers promising you real ‘buyer’ traffic, but realistically, anyone who has a genuine list of buyers is going to guard it with their life. I’ve tried dozens of different services, and the vast majority were throwing money down the toilet.

The bigger the promises, the bigger the disappointment!

Same goes for cheap mass-mailers… whether it’s email exchanges or cheap solo offers… you get what you pay for!

So  anyone promising to email tens or even hundreds of thousands of people for $50 is being deceptive at best, or outright lying to you at worst. Yes they might email a lot of people, but if it’s cheap, then that’s because they know few people will ever open your email and no one will ever act on it.

There’s a reason legitimate solo sellers like those on Udimi charge for each recipient… genuine readers are a valuable commodity. It takes real time and effort to build a genuine list, and no one who does that is going to give away solos at throwaway prices…

So chasing ‘cheap’ traffic is always going to be a false economy.

Much better to use trusted sources, test them carefully and build up your volume only when you KNOW it converts for your specific offer!

Stand-Alone Search Engines & Directories

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