Relaunch Invitations Have Been Sent!

The new EzHitzs 2.0 system is now open to all and it’s running even better than we’d hoped. Several people have reported new signups and commissions before they’d even completed the set up.

We’re getting excellent feedback on the simplified set up, and already a couple of people who ‘gave up‘ the first time around have completed it in full with no major issues.

The last of the emails with instructions for reactivating your account on the new EzHitzs 2.0 platform just went out, so if you have made referrals in the past, they will be reactivating their own accounts any time now. You’ll want to get your own account set before they do.  

If you received your email and have acted on it, thank you!

If you received the mail but haven’t done anything with it, please get to it ASAP.

If you didn’t receive our email, then either we’ve got the wrong address on file, or your email provider it blocking it.

Either way, please use the link below to login and reactivate your account:

Please make sure you use that Relaunch Login Form the first time you log back in, or you will get errors. After that you can go back to the standard login.

There is a Password Help option if you’ve forgotten your details… please make sure you go back to the Relaunch Login Form above once you have your details.

Later on this week we will be sending a follow up email to everyone who hasn’t reactivated their accounts, and we will be deleting all dormant accounts one month after that. (After June 1st)

There are a lot of inactive and duplicate accounts, invalid emails and quite likely a number of bot accounts in the system as well, so we’ll be removing those to clean up the database and free up resources.

So please make sure you reactivate your own account before that. If you need more time for some reason, please do let us know… though you should be able to login to the page above in the same time it takes to email us, so it’s probably easiest if you just do that!

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