Quick Question For The Video Marketers

We’ve started sorting through some video tools we’ve accumulated over the years, to see how we might build some extra video traffic into the EzClix system. A couple look quite promising and I hope to start testing them shortly.

The general idea is to try and generate general website traffic through our own channels/accounts, and to also direct traffic to Member videos embedded on some of our internal traffic pages.

So an initial step will be to let anyone interested embed a video on your profile page.

I’ve seen quite a few people have already made their own EzClix review videos, so you could use one of those to encourage the sign up here, or you could use a video promoting any other product or service… more on that later.

For now though, I’m mostly interested in how many people here are using video regularly? And which platforms those people are using?

Please post your answers in the comments below when you get a chance!


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