Optin Pages, Ad Tracking & Link Checks

Three quick updates today…

A small selection of opt-in pages are now available in the Affiliate Tools section. Apologies for the delay… we tried a new autoresponder service for these and it was a dismal failure, so we had to start over. All done now though, and any leads you send will receive a series of follow up emails with your IDs embedded, culminating in the $1 7-Day trial.

For those with Login Ad slots… I think we’ve sorted out the stats for these now and you should start to see some action on your counters. Rest assured they are being viewed and it was only the counter that was broken!

You can also now submit the URL you’re linking to separately from your ad, and we’ll link the entire frame to your offer page. This will allow us to track the click you get on each ad.

If you have your own tracking, you should leave this field blank.

Extra Verification When Submitting Links. 

When you submit or change your links, you’ll now have to wait for 30 seconds to make sure there are no framebreaker scripts and that the page you want actually loads.

This is important.

We had a number of our traffic sources suspended because there were a couple of pages submitted that wouldn’t display in frames. We’ve reset those with no permanent damage, but it was a wake-up call.

In particular, it turns out Warrior Plus links won’t work inside frames, so you cannot include those here. If you want to promote a WarriorPlus product, you will need to use a splash page hosted somewhere else. That will probably mean making your own… which isn’t a bad idea anyway!

That’s it for now.

We’re still adding to the traffic daily… though we are taking to steady to make sure we catch any issues like the one above before any long-term damage is done.

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. All are very much appreciated!

As are any testimonials we can use on the home page, if/when you get the urge!

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