Optin Forms on your Profile Pages

I finally got a chance to check some of these and unfortunately there’s a lot that won’t be working. Despite the warnings, a lot of people tried to embed javascript versions of their forms, and some even tried to use a link.

So I’ve just posted a couple of demos for anyone who had trouble with this. One is for SendInBlue, the other uses LeadsLeap. If you’re using something else, either one will still give you a better idea of what’s required.

LeadsLeap is the easiest of the two, and you’ll need an account there to set up your Viral Traffic Page, so I’d recommend you use that if you don’t already have a list set up. Send In Blue is also good if you’re starting out, as you can send up to 300 emails a day on the free account.

So if you have set this up, please check your page. If your form isn’t visible, start over.

If it is visible, try opting in to make sure it works. If it doesn’t start over.

If you haven’t looked at this yet, you’re missing out on leads that could be going into your list.

Check it out and set up your Public Profile page asap!

If you’re having trouble, please do reach out. Check the demos first and give it a go yourself, but if it doesn’t work let us know what you’re trying to do, where you’re getting stuck or what’s happening that confuses you.

That said, te LeadsLeap option is really as easy as it gets, so maybe start there!

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