Opt-in Page or Registration Page?

Please check your target links for any banners you set up. We had a typo in there that will send visitors to an opt-in splash page. Ideally you should send your better quality traffic, such as banner clicks, directly to the Registration Page:


This link is the one to use for all better quality or ‘warmed up’ traffic. So that will include banners, social media post, reviews, personal recommendations etc.

The Home Page will redirect to the best performing splash page, so that’s an easy link to use for all other traffic.

If you want.

You’ll probably get more immediate signups sending everyone directly to the Rego page, but you won’t get the email list opt-ins, so you’ll miss out on the extra traffic and commissions those follow ups generate.

Alternatively, if you send as much traffic as possible through the opt-in pages, you won’t get the immediate sign-ups, but when our follow up emails start, those numbers should catch up.

In the long-term you should get a whole lot more traffic and commissions from our DFY List Building & Email Marketing systems… so that’s our recommendation.


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