One Last Update on the Profile Pages

We’ve officially started submitting the first of these now, so those who’ve set it up will be getting a 20,000 credits assigned to their pages over the next few days!

We have made one small change though, to make the Admin side of things a little easier, but it will also help you ensure you’ve got your own page fully set up…

We’ve added a ‘Progress Meter’ to these, so you can see how much you’ve done and how much you’ve got to go. If you add all the required info, it will show 100%.

We will be assigning traffic packs to all pages that are 70% or higher. So if you’ve made a start on this, make sure you check back and see if you need to add anything else.

As a guide… if you skip the opt-in form section but complete everything else, it will show 70%.

As an extra incentive though, we’ll be announcing a bonus submission for those who get their page to 100% … more on that next week!

For now though, check that your page is at least 70% complete… or make a start if you haven’t already done so… and we’ll get to work adding your traffic credits.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback on the set up and testing process. That really makes all this much easier and faster.

And a huge ‘thank you’ to those people who are already sending their own traffic to their own pages. That’ an amazing show of support and confidence, and I’m sure it will be rewarded, especially as we start adding our own traffic!

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