Newsletters, Updates & Notifications

The following was sent out as a broadcast message to all members recently, but it’s important information for all new Members, so I’m reposting it for future reference…

EzHitzs Newsletters, Updates & Notifications

This update is to bring you up to speed on our planned communications going forward. There’s a bit to cover, but it is very important, so please take your time and read it all the way through.

Your *Traffic Machine* depends in large part on our ability to send emails, have them delivered and have them opened.

A single opt-in visitor can generate dozens of page views for you, hundreds of traffic credits… and virtually unlimited commissions…

As long as our emails get through!

So the last thing we need is our Members working against us… marking our emails as spam, or even worse, making abuse complaints.

(We’ve had two already in our first 2 weeks!!!)

So prevent any further confusion, here’s a quick review of the emails we’ll send… and a few things you can do to help us get you better results!

1. Member Newsletters

These have now been set up as a Digest Newsletter that will go out once a week IF there are any new posts on the Members News Blog. If we’ve  got nothing to share, we won’t trouble you!

Each Digest Email will list all new posts for the week as a headline and short preview. You’ll need to click the link to read the full post on the Members News Blog. It is 100% opt-in… you’ll find a form on the Members Dashboard when you login.

You can opt-out any time and it will not impact your EzHitzs account.

The alternative is to read the News Headlines on your Dashboard and click through to the Members News Blog read anything of interest.

This email today is a one-off.

If you want any news from EzHitzs after this, you will need to use one of those options.

I strongly recommend the opt-in News Digest so you don’t miss anything important.

2. Program Update Announcements

These are sent out to EVERYONE anytime we make changes to our portfolio programs. These go to all Members and are an integral part of your membership…

i.e. if they’re going to be a problem, please contact Admin to cancel your membership.

We will try to limit any program changes, but occasionally there will be issues with a program and we’ll need to swap it out. This is for your benefit, so please watch for them and take action ASAP when they do arrive.

We send these out as a slow drip-feed

We want to give everyone a bit of time to register for the new program and save their User ID on EzHitzs, BEFORE your referrals get the notification.

We CANNOT guarantee you’ll get in first however…
It is up to you to watch for these and act fast.

If you do, it will let you take your existing downline with you into the new program.

This will give you an instant downline in the new program, possibly even instant commissions, so again it’s in your best interest to watch out for these emails and act on them immediately!

We’re currently doing a complete audit of all programs now that we’re up and running, so there will likely be a Program Update email coming your way in the next week or so!

3. Activity Notifications

These are new so we haven’t got preferences set up for these just yet. Basically you’re getting notified of various referral activities…

  •  When you sign up a new referral
  •  When you PIF a referral to your downline
  •  When your upline gives you a PIF referral
  •  When Admin gives you a bonus referral

These are all ‘good news’ so I doubt too many people will mind getting these messages, but we will set up options to turn them off shortly.

In the meantime, if it’s an problem, please just delete them, or even set up a filter to do it automatically.

If you email Admin to complain about it, all we can do is delete your account!  🙂

4. DFY Email Campaigns

If you opted in on one of our splash pages before you joined EzHitzs, you might still be getting these emails. There is a link in every message to stop these if you’re not interested.

Keep in mind though, we send these exact same emails to all your opt-ins as well, so it’s probably not a bad idea to keep them coming and see what’s going out on your behalf.

5. Urgent Notifications

On very rare occasions, we might need to get a time-sensitive message out to everyone, so we’ll skip the news digest and send one like this. It won’t happen often, if at all, so if you get anything that’s not relevant to you, just ignore it.

Help Us Help You – ALL Emails!

It’s in your best interests to *ENGAGE* with our emails as much as you can.

When you open ANY of our emails, you help our deliverability rates, especially if you use a web-based email service like GMail or Yahoo.

So please try to open EVERYTHING… even if you only skim read the contents… it will help you too!

Likewise, the more you click links, the more likely it is that our other emails will reach YOUR opt-in subscribers.

Definitely try to click one or more links in the News Digest, use the Login link in the Program Update mails, and don’t be shy with the DFY Emails.

If anything catches your interest, take a look.

It really does help us all!

OK, that’s it for now. All future news updates will be sent via the Weekly News Digest, so if you haven’t found that already, please login and opt-in to that one now…


Or you can login and check the headlines on the Members Dashboard. We’ve posted a number of items already, so you might want to check those too!

And the ‘click’ will definitely be appreciated since this is our first ‘bulk’ email!

Thanks in advance!

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