New & Updated Payment Processing

We’ve just added some extra payment options and we’ve made a few changes to how the existing ones work. You can see it in action on your Payment Options page… under Your Account in the LH Menu.

You can set up any of those you want to offer and they’ll appear on your checkout pages automatically, once we go live. We haven’t got the front end set up yet, so they won’t be used just yet, but you can still start setting up any that you want to use.

Included in this update is a change to the way we use PayPal…

From now on, anyone using PayPal will be instructed to send you a direct, person-to-person payment. This takes right out of the transaction, and should remove any problems PayPal might have with our website. If you missed that discussion, you’ll find some info on the Payments page.

OK, that’s it for now. I’ll post a full update once we get the front-end updated and the new options go live.

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