New Splash Pages Available

We’ve been testing a new splash page format recently that’s been working very well.

The page is set up to target existing users of one of our Crypto Programs, offering to help them get signups for that and other programs. The idea was to catch the attention of people who are already promoting one or more of these programs, with the expectation that they might be more receptive than cold prospects, and they could bring their existing downlines over with them.

So far that seems to be working just fine, except I think we’re actually getting an even better response from the people who aren’t already signed up. It’s a bit hard to track, but a significant portion of the signups I’ve had during testing have been signing up to all 7 crypto programs using my link.

It is early days, but this is very promising, so if you have promos running, you might want to give this one a run!

The page shows a different program randomly, so you can promote the single page and reach people with an interest in any or all of these programs. There is an opt-in version and another that links directly to the sign up page, so you can use which ever you prefer.

It’s also been added to the splash page rotator, so it will turn up there automatically if you’re using that link.

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