New Site Connects With Your AdCardz AdBoards

We’ve just launched a new site that AdBoard owners are going to find particularly useful!

EzHitzs is a free traffic generation system, that uses a portfolio of websites and services to generate an ever-increasing volume of high quality traffic, with less and less work required, as time goes on.

There’s a lot to it, so I won’t try and cover it all here.

What you should know is this…

AdCardz is one of the viral traffic sites EzHitzs uses…

So all EzHitzs Members are prompted to create one or more AdCardz Ads.

And as a result,  all EzHitzs Members will be sending some serious ongoing traffic to those Ads.

Here’s the good part… 

If you join up and promote EzHitzs yourself, you can direct all that traffic and the new Ads created by ANYONE in your downline, into your own AdBoards.

We expect this is going to be a massive windfall for any AdBoard Owner who joins EzHitzs and sets it up. There is some real work required, but when you look it over, I think you’ll see that it’s worth whatever it takes.

The EzHitzs system itself is designed to run virtually hands-free, so if you have a few hours to set this up, it could literally grow your AdCardz business… and any other offers you’re currently promoting… on full auto, forever!

EzHitzs is currently free to join, but we expect to add a small cover charge at some point, to cover our costs in providing support etc., so act now and you can lock-in a free lifetime membership.

Claim Your EzHitzs Membership Here


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