New Interactive Checklist

Quick one this week. As promised, we’ve now added a live Progress Bar to your dashboard, that will let you see instantly,¬† how much of your account set up you’ve completed and how much you’ve got to go.¬†This is connected to an interactive Checklist that will show you whether or not you’ve completed the set up for each of the major tools and features in your account.

So the process should be quite simple… check your Progress when you login next, then click through to the Checklist to see what else you need to set up. Ideally you should start at the top and just run through the list.

They are arranged in order of ease, speed and power… the first items are easier and faster to set up, but the latter ones will likely deliver significantly more value over time. So you should definitely plan to complete them all, but do start at the top to keep it simple.

Each item you complete is going to deliver more traffic, more exposure and all sorts of additional benefits… all listed on the Checklist… so hopefully this is going to help more people get even better value out of EzClix.

And that’s important, because right now, it looks like most Members are missing out on a lot of traffic. We’re still updating individual account details, but it looks like more than half our Members have skipped or missed the steps that are going to deliver the greatest value!

Please take a moment to look it all over NOW, and see what steps you can take to get more visitors, greater exposure and more benefits in general from your EzClix Membership!

This is new, so there could be a few bugs we’ve missed… so any problems or queries at all, please do let me know. Likewise, any feedback, good or bad, will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

BTW. If your Progress Bar is showing ‘Zero’ when you first login, it just means we haven’t manually checked your account yet.

Just click the Refresh button to get your current stats!

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