New ETG Monthly Promo

Just a quick heads-up the the ETG sites are running on of their monthly promos for October. Every day this month they’ll be revealing a nerw promo code that can be redeemed on all 25 websites in the group. So for example, today’s ‘1x Lifetime Banner’ becomes 25 lifetime banners, yesterday’s 50,000 Credits is worth 1.25 million credits… I’m sure you see the value!

If you haven’t already done so, you can import the ETG websites to your EzAdz Traffic Engine and set up your accounts as required. You can then access the link below to grab the daily codes.

Be warned, only the last three day’s worth are available, so you need to grab them AT LEAST every three days. At this time I don’t know how long they remain valid for. Last time it was the full month, but I haven’t tested that this time.

That said, even if you do need to open all 25 sites every few days for the rest of the month to redeem all the codes, it is a massive amount of advertising, so it will be worth the effort.

Get The Daily Promo Codes Here!

Apologies for the delay letting you know about this one… the first 1/3 of the codes are gone by now, but in the past, the best codes have come towards the end of the month anyway.

And if you already have ads and credits available on these sites, be aware they are most active during these promos… so make sure you’ve got plenty of ads running while all the members are logging in regularly to claim their promo codes!!!

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