Member Recommendations

Well we asked for Member Recommendations and we’re getting them!

So much so, we’re going to give preference to those that come with the most information.

i.e. If you just send us a link to your program and someone else takes a bit of time to ‘review’ the program and their expereince with it… we’re going to look at that one first!

We also need to keep this manageable for Members, so we’ll be putting a limit on the number of programs on the watchlist. Once we reach that number, no more wil lbe added until other programs have been upgraded to a BuyNow or removed to the Blacklist.

Remember, you should DEFINITELY SIGN UP NOW for these new Watchlist programs, so your referrals can follow you in. If you wait, they will go in under someone else and you’ll miss out.

Even if you think you will never use the program personally, someone in your downline might… so don’t leave the opportunity to earn sitting on the table, because you couldn’t be bothered taking 5 minutes to register an account!

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