Major Overhaul of EzHitzs

We’ve had a pretty good run up until now, but we have been having a few issues with some of our key programs. More recently a couple have stopped responding and it looks like another is shutting down soon as well.

All in all, it seems like a good to time give the entire system a major overhaul.

  • There are a few elements that aren’t working as well now as when we first started so we need to fix or replace those.
  • We’ve come up with a few new strategies from our work on EzClix that would slot in well with the EzHitzs structure.
  • And we still need to address the recurring issue of people starting but not finishing. ie. Make it simpler and faster…

I started work on a Lite version of EzHitzs a while back that we could offer side-by-side with the existing EzHitzs installation, but given the recent developments, I think the best option will be to make that the default version…

So we’ll be using a lot of the existing framework to develop a lightweight, simple and effective traffic system that ANYONE can set up fast.

It’s going to have a strong viral component to ensure it gets more effective over time. It will have multiple built-in revenue streams built in and we’re also going to add some list-building functionality. 

For Existing Members Who Have Already Done The Work…

First up I want to stress to those who have invest time and effort here, the revamped EzHitzs will use as much as possible of what you’ve already set up.

And when we do drop a program from the portfolio, I’ve also got a few ideas for how you can ‘connect’ those sites and continue to get value for the work you’ve already done.

Mostly though, what we’ll be dropping are the ones that either aren’t delivering, or aren’t getting used by the vast majority of our Members. So either way, no one should be worse off as a result.

For New Members Who Are Just Getting Started…

Realistically it’s probably best if you hold off for now. We’ve already disabled the programs that are definitely going, so you can register for those that remain if you like, but there’s some pretty major changes coming, so if that’s going to upset or frustrate you, you might do better to wait.

We will be sending out updates as the work progresses and we need beta-testers for the new version. So I encourage you to start connected, check our emails and dive on in once we’re ready to go.

The Timeline From Here…

Between the work I’ve already got scheduled, and taking a couple of weeks off for our family holidays since pre-Covid, I really cannot see us having anything ready before the new year.

That said, I have made a fair start on the EzHitzs Lite, so once I get to it, I think it could come together quite quickly and be ready for some beta-testers mid-January.

Until then we’ll update the main sales page to let people know things are changing, and we’ll set up an notification list for those who plan to come back once the work is done.

We’ll leave the registration option as well, so those who want to come on in and take a look around, can. This also means no one has to worry about changing all their ads over for that month or two.

Once we’re operational again, we’ll give everyone a chance to run through a ‘Changeover Wizard’ to ensure they are fully-activated on the new system… then we’ll open up for new Members.

And we’ll look at some sort of bonus promo for everyone as a thank you for your patience!

Until then, keep an eye out for updates. Jump in and lend a hand with testing and feedback when you can… and we’ll be in touch!


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