List Marketing Resources

Below you’ll find some additional info and links for the various resources mentioned in this training. Some are free, some are affiliate offers… but they are ALL items I use personally. Please Bookmark This Page for future reference. If you use any of these resources, please do post your own comments and feedback below…

Profits Lion

This has totally replaced the few Safelist Mailers I used to grudgingly use from time to time. Instead of paying for solos, or worse, clicking for credits… ProfitsLion sends my email out to over 7000 people every day, totally hands-free. I login about once a week to swap my email over, and that’s it.

Each email gets 1000+ clicks, so it is an excellent source for new opt-ins. I keep a few niche emails in my account, so I can rotate through them, sending prospects to various landing pages which feed a good number of them into highly targeted lists.


This is a Solo Ad Marketplace… where you can buy any number of high quality leads to receive your email. You should expect to spend $0.50 per lead, and you’ll want at least a couple of hundred to test a new Solo Ad provider. So it’s not cheap, but it is the best quality you’ll find.

All providers are reviewed and rated by other users, so you get a very good idea of what to expect!


The Free version of this WordPress Plugin that will serve most people really well for a very long time. I use it almost exclusively for sending Digest Emails to my Blog Subscribers, totally on auto. If I post new content to a blog, it will send out a short summary newsletter once a week. This content-only approach means when I do send the occasional offer email as a broadcast, I usually get an incredible response!

You will need to register and subscribe for the Premium Features, but that is totally free for up to 200o subscribers… so highly recommended for any website.

Absolute Jacker

This is a paid WordPress plugin, but it’s quite cheap and still very effective.  There were a couple of other options out there that I’ve used in the past, but one is no longer available and the other is even older and was a bit buggy last time I tried it.

Be warned, it is old. This one hasn’t been updated for a couple of years. I just installed in on a new site to check it’s still working, and there were a couple of things that didn’t feel quite right, but it was still working as expected.

You’re also lucky it’s old! The vendor is now including the three OTO upsells in the package… you can use on multiple sites, connect to multiple lists, you get developer rights … add it to other people’s sites and charge them for it!

Plus you’ll find there are dozens of additional scheduling and personalisation features.

So if you’re interested, try Absolute Jacker. It is sold through the  Warrior+ marketplace, so if you have any issues you can simply request a refund there and it’s virtually instantaneous.