List Marketing 101

List Building and Email Marketing are perhaps two of the most mis-represented marketing tools you have at your disposal. Everyone know they should be using them, but there is so much bad, out-dated information out there that it’s near impossible for most people to get started on the right track.

Hopefully I can help!

I chose to call List Marketing because it’s not just about List Building, and it’s certainly not just Email Marketing any more.

You won’t get anywhere unless you have both elements set up properly, and you need to be using them the right way.

Because they both stopped working in a conventional sense, years ago.

You’d never know that from looking at your inbox though….  you’ll see brand new products released every single  month, each promoting the same old List Building strategies and Email Marketing techniques…

So unfortunately most of what you hear is going to be coming from people with something to sell.

So what you’ll hear is going to be seriously biased at best…

At worst it’s just downright dishonest.

I’m sure you’ve spotted the pattern?

People selling list building training packages will insist your only hope of ever succeeding is to buy their stuff and do it their way…

People selling expensive autoresponder services will argue that only their chosen platform can ever work properly…

People selling email swipe files will promise you can just drop these into your autoresponder and start printing money…

All of them will parrot the line… the money is in the list… as if that’s some magical formula for instant success.

The problem is, all of them are pushing the same flawed approach to email marketing:

    1. Build a list of subscribers.
    2. Email them every single day.
    3. Throw in a bit of PLR content.
    4. Make money with affiliate offers.

Now I could write ten pages on why this approach is a recipe for failure, but you probably guessed that on your own. After all, how long would you stay on a list that treated you like that?

I’m sure you’ve seen it often enough

People get your email and start sending you a brand new offer every day…

The same offers a dozen other marketers are sending you BTW…

And yet every day they pretend that this is the best thing they’ve ever seen and they don’t know how they ever lived without it!

And you KNOW it’s total BS! There is no way on earth that they’re testing any of these products themselves.

So how long does it take you to unsubscribe?

Or did you just expect that it’s all going to be crap and so you used a throw-away email address for the initial opt-in?

Because I can tell you that’s what most people do

And anyone who tells you this approach still works is dreaming… or trying to sell you something!

Now I do see the irony here…

There is a very good chance you arrived here on this page because I sent you an email asking you to visit…

So yes, I’m using email marketing to tell you that email marketing doesn’t work!

But just keep in mind, I’m talking about that traditionalall-in approach

Where you assume everyone will eventually unsubscribe from your list anyway…

So you send as many offers as you possibly can before they’re gone!

That’s just a waste of time for everyone involved.

On the other hand, professional List Marketing done right can be incredibly effective.

If you can communicate real value to your subscribers you can forge long-term relationships that can be very rewarding. But only if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to do it properly.

1. Time and effort to build a big engaged list.
2. Time and effort to create quality content.
3. Time and effort to add value to any offers.

So now that you’re here, I’d like to show you how I approach each of these three essential steps?

My exact system probably won’t be for everyone… but if you take a few minutes to read the next few articles I promise you’ll come away with a much better idea of what’s still working in this area, and how you can design an effective List Marketing Machine for your own business.

There’s no cost and no opt-in… just turn up and read it when you’ve got the time!

There are a few affiliate-linked resources in the mix, but I promise you I personally use every single one of them myself and refuse to promote anything I’m not 100% convinced will help you achieve the same results I’m getting.

(Plus I’ll recommend a free option as an alternative when possible!)

So Does List Marketing Sound Like A Better Plan?

If this is matching with what you’ve seen and experienced yourself, and you think it might be time for a better approach, then I’ll encourage you to  continue with this training material.

We don’t go for a whole lot of flash videos or pretty pictures here, so it won’t be for everyone, but…

If you like simple, solid information on what works, what doesn’t, and how to switch from one to the other, then you’ll find a few more articles in the series on the right hand menu.

It’s all totally free and there’s no opt-in required.

Just good actionable info for those who are sick of the BS!

If you have comments or feedback, please post them below, and if you think it’s worthy of a share, we always appreciate that!

Otherwise, let’s move on to the first module…

How To Attract Real Subscribers, Real Fast!