Is this the most under-estimated traffic website on the web?

Hit Monkey has been around for years, and chances are you’ve already joined it at least once? I know I joined a couple of times over the years… saw the potential and signed up, but then never really got it moving.

Until now

The thing is, these viral sites can work a treat, once you get them working.

You have to give them a real push to get some initial momentum happening, and you need to keep adding to that over time. It doesn’t take a lot, but if you get a few early signups and then keep it in your promos, these viral sites can send you truckloads of quality visitors for years…

So here’s a simple strategy we’ve been using on one of our sites, to promote Hits Monkey plus a few other viral banner programs, to generate loads to signups, quality traffic and ever-increasing commissions…

Simple Viral Banner Strategy



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