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If you missed out last month, it’s on again… same link below will work.

As mentioned in the original post, the owner is using these giveaways to build his lists up, so there’s not a lot of value using the Solos straight away.

You’ll have the same people on all 16 sites, so just send one or two solos a week to the bigger sites and save the rest for later on.

That said, I’m getting some good results with the Login Ads and Full Page Surf Ads as the new members coem through the sites.

I also REALLY¬† like the ‘Lifetime Banners’!

Set those up with Intellibanner Codes and you can change your banners set on Intellibanners any time, and have them continue to appear on all ETG sites, forever… set those up ASAP!

The original post in case you missed it…

Elite Tigers Group own a network 18 traffic sites and they’re currently running a promo where they release a new coupon that you can use on all of their sites, every day this month.

Some of their sites are definitely better than others, but this is basically a membership drive for all the sites, so it’s worth setting up an account on all of them and applying the coupons… even if you don’t use some of the solos or login ads for a few months.

I’ve set these up in my scheduler and basically got the good sites with an existing membership coming up every couple of weeks, and the smaller/newer sites set to pop up in 90 days time. The good sites are already getting 40-50 clicks per solo, so this could be a very useful resource if he can build up his membership even further.

If you’re interested, you can…

1. Register at each of the sites using the link below.

2. Make a note of ALL the daily codes.

3. Login to each site before the end of the month to apply all 31 promo codes!


It’s a bit of work, but it’s a lot of advertising! It’s not jsut solos either… lots of credits, lifetime banners, standard banners, login ads, full page ads, text ads…

David ran a similar promo last month, and I set up a lot of these, and have been enjoying a lot of hands free traffic from the other ad options… while I wait for the numbers to increase to make the solos worth using!

So highly recommended that at the very least, you create the 18 accounts, add your Intellibanner banners as the lifetime banners, and your AdBoards as the Full Page Ads. Send a solo to each site to see what sort of click-numbers you get, and if the numbers aren’t there just re-schedule that site for a re-test in 90 days!

And of course if a site does get a good response, set aside some time to set up all the Ads ASAP!


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