Get Organic Website Traffic – Important SEO Strategies – By far, the top two things you need to complete to get your website ranking well within search engines so you can be found organically online are to:

Have a current and comprehensive sitemap.xml file registered with Google, Bing and other search engines and keep it current and active on your website and the search engines.

Get your webpages registered and indexed on the Google platform for both desktop and mobile/smart phone devices. And yes, each webpage has to be individually registered to both desktop and mobile platforms.

If you want to actually start getting your content found organically on Google searches, you have to do these things!

This video leads you to my class which shows you step by step how to get both jobs done. I will show you how you can easily construct your sitemap and get it registered with Google and I will show you how to get your webpages registered and indexed within the Google search engine database.

Good SEO starts right here – creating good titles, descriptions and meta tags/keyword phrases is just part of it. You will not get to page one with a website without doing this first – so come check out this class.

Just two simple things to do, but they can make all the difference in whether you make money online or not!

See you on the inside!

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