Free Option for Traffic Ivy

I added a link to ‘Traffic Ivy’ last week, but just found a free option tucked away in there that might interest soem people?

You won’t get the monthly credits this way, but you can use the various tools to earn them instead… either sharing content in your social media accounts, or setting it up to post on auto. Their free plugin will  automatically repost content from the Traffic Ivy marketplace to your blog, earning you credits to have your own content shared on other websites and social media accounts.

I’ve only set up a couple of very basic campaigns so far, but already seen some great results. Lots of clicks and very high quality traffic back to AdCardz … especially on the social share campaigns.

Check out the Free Traffic Ivy Option here

If you’ve got the funds, I do recommend the $10 lifetime upgrade … that will give you 1000 credits as soon as you start so you can dive right in and set up some campaigns while your fresh and enthusiastic…

And seeing how quickly you can generate results is the best possible motivation to keep going!

Not sure how long that offer will stay up though, so check it out here if you’re interested.

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