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Are The Income Projections Realistic?

Not at all!

Whenever you see projections reaching down a dozen or more levels, you are talking tens or even hundreds of thousands of referrals… so it looks good on paper but is very unlikely to ever get that far with every position filled.

I have personally built downlines down through 12+ levels on several occasions, but I’ve always found after a certain point the network starts to taper back in, forming more of a diamond shape than the broad triangle most programs use in their examples & projections.

It can still be quite lucrative, but the big projections rely largely on the extremely broad lower levels, so you shouldn’t expect too much and you should absolutely NEVER count on it.

So it is important that you keep things in perspective.

I believe we can all make a few dollars here if we don’t get too impatient or greedy, and we don’t take it too seriously.

Treat is a as fun experiment and only invest a small amount of play money that you can literally afford to lose. After that you can reinvest some of your initial earnings to ramp it up and see how it goes.

If it takes off, then we all make a few bucks… either way we have some fun!

Also remember, the traffic programs and the bonus crypto programs are all much more stable/reliable and can be quite lucrative too.

So even if the matrix programs don’t really take off for you, you’ll still be building a valuable traffic system you can use for any offer you like, and you’ll have yourself a very useful affiliate network in those other ‘long-term’ crypto programs.

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