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Inappropriate Content

If you encounter something you consider inappropriate when viewing our Member links and websites, you will usually have a one-click reporting option, but if you missed that at the time, you can submit a ticket with as much information as possible and we’ll look into it.

We really need the actual URL to do anything though, as we don’t record website titles or descriptions in our data.

When Your Site Is Flagged For Inappropriate Content…

That simply means that our assessment is, that your content could be problematic with one or more of our 3rd-party traffic sources.

We don’t like to censor anyone, but we need to protect our traffic accounts so we can supply visitor traffic to ALL our Members.

If your site is flagged, you can try a different landing page, or a different offer… there’s plenty of others to choose from!

In practice, the most common issues reported are broken links and pages that don’t load!

Please make sure you test your links and if there is any issue, resolve it before submitting. Some sites simply will not load in frames, so you need to submit a different link. Sites that aren’t secured (i.e. using https://) won’t display in a lot of browsers.

So just check your links are loading, secure and family-friendly, and you will be good to go!


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