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My Banners Show A Broken Image Link?

If this is all the time, you need to check your links. You should be able to paste the full URL into your web browser and the image will load. If it doesn’t the link is not right.

If the link is correct, you may still see the broken image icon from time to time.

This can sometimes happen when there are multiple EzAdz banner codes on the same page, and it creates too many calls back to the server & database, and the connection fails. This should be quite rare as we’ve a lot of resources assigned to our server and it would take a huge load for it to fail at our end.

The more likely culprit is general congestion on the network between the site you’re viewing and our servers… and the connection gets closed before al the data is transferred, so your browser doesn’t know what banner to display.

Again this should be a rare event, so if it happens repeatedly, please let us know with as much relevant info as possible.

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