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Should I still join Srsly?

This was our first crypto downline-builder site and still has the largest membership… well over 3000 now.

Unfortunately, we weren’t so successful in getting people to do the work and only a relatively small number of those members ever completed the full set up. Those who did do the work, usually got the results they were after, but the majority either gave up or got distracted long before the got to that point.

We’ve since set up additional crypto sites trying some very different approaches, both of which have worked out much better for all involved. So at this stage, I think we have much better options for you right now with EzCryptos and/or Crypto Cash Co-op.

We’ll also be launching a new site, Simple Cryptos Club in early 2022 that will combine all the best ideas and strategies from all three of our existing crypto sites.

Once that is ready to go, we’ll be making a special effort to help any existing Srsly members move across to the new site if they’re interested. After that we will likely be closing SrSly down, though I’m open to suggestions or offers if anyone thinks they can do something with it!

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