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How do I advertise on my own AdBoard?

You can now create your own Ads for any of your AdBoards from your Dashboard, and access all Add-Ons without having to pay. Use the Image Manager in your dashboard to upload an image if required.

You should definitely make sure your Ads are all ‘Featured’ so they get that top-of-the-page exposure, and if you add ‘reloads’ as well, they’ll stay active for even longer.

Then just double-check your AdCards list to make sure it’s active, and you’re done.

This is one of the big benefits of being the AdBoard owner… you can add unlimited Ads to your AdBoards to promote multiple offers at once. That said, it’s probably best if you DON’T over do it.

Maybe set up 10-20 Ads when you set up your AdBoard, and then use the Reload/Bump option in your Dashboard to move the Ads back to the top, one at a time, each time 10-12 new Ads are added. That way you’ll end up with your ads spread out fairly evenly through out the page.

And if you have the Reloads option enabled, they’ll stay that way indefinitely!

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