EzHitzs Update Update

I’ve had a few queries recently on how things are progressing, so here’s a quick update for all the EzHitzs Members:

So far we have given the program portfolio a major update. We removed a number of programs that weren’t performing or were just too complicated, and we’ve added a couple of amazing new programs that will totally change the way EzHitzs works for you. We’re currently updating the instructions for each program, and rewriting the ‘configuration wizard’.

This time around, we’ve restructured a lot of the set up, to avoid a lot of the back-and-forth. A lot of people found it confusing and it was a bit time-consuming, so going forward, you (and your referrals) will be able to set up each program once and rarely need to ever go back.

We’ve also added a couple of mini-programs’ & tweaked some of the viral systems within the EzHitzs structure, to use your existing network to seriously leverage your traffic and your profits. This is probably the part I’m most excited about and I can wait for everyone to put it to work. I think the established members will see virtually instant results, and the newer members will be blown away by how quickly it all moves once you’re set up.

Finally, we’ve got a couple of our own programs we’ll be setting up and adding once the update is complete and we’re back open for business. These are going in as fallback options in a couple of places, so we know even if other programs come and go, we can keep these running indefinitely. And since we have full control over them, we can configure them to suit the EzHitzs structure and reward EzHitzs members.

We were going to try and have these ready for the relaunch, but there’s just too much and it would leave everyone waiting too long. So we’ve put them aside for now and will get them sorted once we’re live again.

So right now, I’m *hoping* we can get the program instructions finished this week. After that we’ve got a couple of ‘wizards’ to finish off… the basic structure is done but they’ll need some tweaking and testing once all the other pieces are in place. That will probably take another week or two.

Then we’ll start inviting everyone back in!

We’ll be doing this as a drip-feed… sending emails out very slowly, to preserve the referral structure. This means you’ll have a short period of time to login, ‘import’ your account to the new structure, and then run through the portfolio programs to make sure you have everything set up, before your existing referrals get the same email invite.

We’ll do this very slowly at first, while we check for any bugs or issues, and then we’ll gradually speed it up a but once we’re confident it’s all working properly. All up I’m expecting it to take a couple of weeks to get everyone back on board, and after that you can start promoting.

OK, that’s about where we’re at… I can’t wait for everyone to see it and try it out, so we’ll be in touch shortly with instructions for the move.

Thanks for your patience!

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