EzCryptos Is Live!

If you’re seeing this, it means the Dripfeed Email has gone out announcing this new addition to all EzHitzs Members… so all your EzHtizs referrals now know about it and will be signing up shortly…

So if you haven’t already done so, you should signup yourself and get your UserID saved on EzHitzs so your downline stays intact.

This new program is a greatly new and improved version of our Portfolio Builder and looks set to outperform everything we’ve done so far. It is simpler than ever, easier & faster to set up, and I think it might well be our most lucrative program yet.

For EzHitzs members it will grow quietly in the background as you build your EzHitzs network… though if you spend a little time pro-actively promoting it early on, I think it could really take off.

It’s early days obviously, so only time will tell… but either way make sure your signup and UserID saved here so you can benefit from whatever happens!

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