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Thanks for checking this out. Unfortunately some of the social media platforms won’t let us link directly to EzClix, so this slight detour is the next best option. You can choose from the options below to find out more about EzClix, see how we generate traffic for our Members… or login if you’re already part of the club!

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Why We Need This Page? 

Right now we’re blocked from linking to EzClix on Facebook, but it’s quite likely there’ll be other sites blocking us as well before long. This happens because EzClix has a (really good!) affiliate program that a lot of people promote, and eventually someone will always over-do it on the social media platforms…

They post too many ads on other people’s timelines or into various groups where ads aren’t welcome, people complain… and we get flagged as a spam website.

That’s just how it goes and there’s not a lot we can do about it. A few idiot-spammers always seem to mess things up for everyone else.

So first up, please don’t let it alarm you. It’s an arbitrary decision… possibly even AI driven by now… and over the years we’ve found it’s just not worth fighting it. Instead we use a simple strategy that keeps the social traffic flowing to our Member offers. 

    • We use multiple low key campaigns and strategies…
    • To drive visitors to custom detour pages like this one.
    • We make sure our own activities are above reproach.
    • We let our like/subscribe/follow statistics tell the story!

As more and more of our Members… and visitors… like, share and subscribe to our social pages, these social traffic systems quickly take on a life of their own.

So with that said, if you missed it before, please consider a quick back-track to like or subscribe the the social page that send you here!

Thanks in advance!