EzAdz’ First Major Update

A lot going on behind the scenes lately, so a bit of a break between updates sorry. The big job was a move to a whole new server to make sure we are ready and able to handle the growth that’s coming. We originally thought that wouldn’t be required for another 6 months, but the initial response to our launch made it clear we’d better get ready ASAP.

That’s complete now, and the new platform provides the option to ‘instantly’ upgrade our server as required, with no further downtime or delays. We did have a couple of glitches with the changeover, but with so many active members, they were quickly identified and fixed… thanks for your help! I’m 99.9% confident we’ve double-checked everything by now, but if you come across anything that isn’t working as you’d expect, please let us know.

We made a few tweaks and updates while all that was going on, so you’ll probably notice those when you’re using the platform. Two worth a quick mention are in the Traffic Engine section…

1. With the import lists, we are adding to those from time to time if we find something new that’s working wel. So we’ve updated the import function so you can ‘re-import’ any of the website sets, and it will only add any new sites not included in your personal lists. So keep an eye on the numbers, and just run the import any time, to add any new sites.

2. You also have a ‘Personal’ category you can use to list ANY website at all that you want to remember to check in on. This is particularly useful for keeping track of your Affiliate Programs, especially any that don’t pay you automatically! I also use it to track my Crypto Miners and I’ll often add links to services I sign up for but don’t have time to set up immediately… anything at all that you don’t want to forget to check in on.

This ‘Category’ has actually been there from the start, but we forgot to add a link on the Traffic engine page, That’s been added now though, so you can bring all your personal sites up any time. Put it to good use!

Finally, we did hold off on our Co-op Campaigns for upgraded members while we were moving servers. We had a fair number of campaigns running through out, but now that the move is complete, we’ll get back to adding to them… big time! Our initial efforts generated over 250,000 co-op impressions before we backed off to complete the move, so you can expect to see this pick up exponentially as we start up on it again!

As a group we’re fast closing in on a million banner impressions, which is quite impressive for a new site with a very small membership still… but I expect we’ll be looking back at it before long, thinking a million impressions is kind of insignificant!

Anyway, thanks for your support in getting this thing off the ground, and all your feedback to help us improve the platform and your patience during the move last month. All much appreciated and key to making his a truly valuable one-stop advertising dashboard. Thank you!

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