Everything better than normal on EzCryptos!

We’ve finished re-writing the Instruction Manual and it’s starting to look like the whole episode was kind if a good thing!

Looking it over there were a couple of places people were getting stuck or sidetracked, so we’ve rearranged a few of the steps, added extra detail to others, and generally streamlined the whole thing.

There’s only been a handful of people go through it since we finished the rewrite, but already it looks like the ‘completion rate’ is going to be a lot higher now.

The changes will also have a significant impact on what you can earn from the Capital Growth programs… the new process will automatically fund those accounts from your EzCryptos profits, so even if you move the funds out at a later date, everyone will be generating more commissions.

Though if you leave your profits there for a while and let these sites do their thing, you’ll find the returns pretty hard to beat!

PLEASE NOTE: We initially planned to try and ‘save’ everyone’s usernames for the various programs, but checking it we found a huge number of mistakes that were costing members referrals and commissions, and in some cases stopping new members from even completing the set up.

So we’ve added some extra instructions and verifications and checks to try and prevent that going forward, BUT you will need to go through and Re-Save your User IDs for ALL the Portfolio Programs.

If you saved a list , this should only take you a few minutes. If you haven’t made a record, you’ll need to login to each site and grab the required info. That should still only take 10-15 minutes and you’ll be fully operational again.

Until you do that, you will NOT be credited for any referrals who would otherwise follow you into these programs!

Good news is, signups are coming in even faster than before, so things are really pumping. If you’re sending any traffic at all, please check your usernames ASAP.

And if you’re not promoting yet, you should really start… this is just getting started still and it’s going to go off.  Crypto prices are starting to show signs of recovery and interest is surging. Make sure your set up and ready to claim your share!

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