Funnel Resources

Below you’ll find some additional information & training material, plus links to all the resources mentioned in this training. Some are free, some are affiliate offers… but they are ALL items I currently use or have used in the past.

Please Bookmark This Page for future reference. If you use any of these resources, please do post your own comments and feedback below…

Web Hosting & Domain Name Set Up

Domain Name Registration: If you create a hosting account with one of the sites below, you will be able to set up your Domain and Hosting in one step. I’d recommend you start with a basic hosting package that allows Unlimited Websites because sooner or later, most people will want multiple websites!

Bluehost is my choice for shared CPanel Hosting. It is one of the industry leaders, so you won’t do better on price, website speed, reliability or support. If I’m setting a website up for a Client I’ll usually do it here so I can easily hand-over when the time comes.

SiteGround is where I tend to host most of my own sites to take advantage of the Australian servers… which makes my work a little faster. Siteground uses it’s own dashboard instead of CPanel, but all the key functions are there and it’s very user-friendly once you get settled. It’s also competitively priced and offers fantastic reliability, speed and support.

If you do find better prices than either of these be very careful

It will usually be a ‘Reseller‘ who is selling off space on their own shared account, often on one of these same webhosts.

So you’ll be sharing a shared account with a whole lot of other people… with no controls over individual users… which will eventually end in disaster.

WordPress Installation & Configuration:

Once your hosting account is set up, you can install WordPress with a couple of clicks. Most hosts will even offer to install it when you add the domain…  if not you’ll find a WordPress logo/button on your dashboard… just click on that and follow the prompts.

If you are brand  new to WordPress, I strongly recommend you spend a little bit of time running through the following tutorial…

WordPress 101: These guys are the benchmark in WP training. Their tutorials are used by a lot of web hosts and associated service providers, who want to get their own clients up to speed ASAP. They have a free starter course that is highly recommended, with additional advanced modules after that if you need more help.

WordPress Apprentice: This is a great option is you’re reasonably tech-savvy and just want some general guidance on the basics. It’s also totally free and includes 10 short videos to get you and your new website up and running within the hour.

WordPress For Conversion Funnels

If you followed along with our training and the manual process fro creating and connecting pages, you’ll know it’s pretty straight forward. I really would encourage you to tried that before you try any of the paid options you’ll find further down the page.

Here’s our recommended plugin lists as discussed in the training:

Funnel Plugin List: This lists the key plugins for creating your funnels manually on a WordPress site, with a short description and usage tips for each.

Essential Plugin List: This lists everything else we use on most of our sites. Again there’s a short description so you can easily decide if you need it or not.

Easy Install Everything At Once!

Don’t waste time downloading each of these individually though. You can install one plugin instead, and that will install all these for you. Then you just run through and activate those you need, as you need them. Delete the rest and you’re ready to go in a fraction of the time…

Step 1. Install WPCore. In your dashboard got to Plugins => Add New and search for WPCore Plugin Manager. Install and activate that, then go to Settings.

Step 2. Copy and paste the following Collection Key into the main form and click Install Plugins.


Step 3. Go to your Installed Plugins page and start activating and configuring the Essential Plugins first, then work through the Funnel plugin list to activate those you need.

Astra WordPress Theme: This is a good, simple theme that will get you up and running fast. The free version has loads of configuration options and should be all you need for a basic funnels site.

If you decide to expand on that functionality with your website, you can check out the Pro version of Astra, or go looking for something else.

There’s thousands of free themes out there, but these days most are deliberately restricted so people will pay for the pro version. So you can lose a lot of time trying out different themes.

Your best option is to get up and running first and then revisit this later… if you really must!

Commercial Funnel Plugins

There’s only really two options that provide all the functions you’ll need in a single plugin.

There are plenty that are free or cheap add-ons to other plugins, providing different functionality, but that can get very complicated really fast. If I had to go this route, my preference would be for an all-in-one solution.

Cartflows is feature packed and very simple to use, but unfortunately it’s a SAAS product, so you’ll be up for a monthly subscription.  At $25/month it’s 1/4 the cost of ClickFunnels, so that’s actually pretty good value.

The big plus is, you install it on your site… and create all pages on your site…  so if you decide to stop paying, you still have a website! You’d just need to reconnect the pages manually, which is pretty simple, so if you’re looking for a fast template system to get set up ASAP, this could be a useful option?

Upsell Plugin is my preferred option. This one will cost you a bit more upfront… $97 for use on one website… but that is a one-off payment, so you’ll quickly come out ahead if you can afford it.

Key for me is that this handles affiliate programs and the more-complicated membership/subscription funnels really well. I’ve made those funnels in e past manually, but most of my main sites are membership based, so it made sense for me to invest in this one.

Additional Funnel Resources & Training

Funnelytics: This is a great free tool for mapping out your funnels. I used it a lot when I was getting started and found it a big help to visualize what I wanted to build before I started, especially as my funnels got more complex. I haven’t used it in a while but looks like they’ve added some new tools.

More Funnel Mapping Tools: Here’s a top 10 list of tools for the same purpose… I’ve only tried a couple of these but looks like a handy list.

Profit Funnel Optimization: This is an older PDF ebook that’s a little bit dated, but still has some good ideas on ramping up your funnels with mid-ticket and then big-ticket items on the back end.

Upsells Plugin Demo: Here’s a fairly detailed demo video of the Upsells plugin in action. You’ll see there’s a fair emphasis on eCommerce funnels, but keep in mind it’s also very good for our marketing funnel structures as well.

CartFlows Demo Video: Here’s a good YouTube video of you’re considering the CartFlows plugin.

Funnel Planning & Creation Videos

This set of videos uses the ClickFunnels platform, which I don’t recommend, but the process is well worth a look if you’re still struggling to understand how the pieces fit together.

Pay close attention to the first video that runs through all the different funnel types available in the platform. It’s almost worth taking the free trial sometime, just to check those out and make some notes!

For now though here’s the videos…

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