Funnel Monetization

This isn’t a tutorial on crafting your offers or creating sales pages… we will look at that another time… but for now we just want to focus on how you can position offers within your funnels, to create the best possible long-term cashflow.

As mentioned earlier, I’m not a fan of the endless stream of OTOs a lot of marketers use, and I honestly think that’s just not a sustainable business model.

When you keep treating your customers like idiots, you eventually run out of customers…

Instead, I prefer a more strategic approach… based on providing quality and value… to create long-term connections that are mutually rewarding.

So I’m not creating the massive launches most marketers dream of, but I do have multiple funnels I set up years ago that still deliver regular sales…

Because they are founded on high quality offers that have real value for my customers.

For me that’s the real test

If I can set something up that continues to work without any further input from me, that is much more satisfying that breaking my back for weeks or months, preparing a big launch that is essentially a one-off event.

My view is, if I’m doing that much work, I better create something that will continue to work for me for YEARS after the fact!

So there’s a few key considerations to setting up suitable conversion funnels to generate those kind of ongoing, long-term results.

Optimal Funnel Structures

The funnels that perform best for me long-term almost always open with a reverse opt-in!

My leads find my content and choose to opt-in for more. Over time we develop a stronger connection, my system continues to send them additional value-add content and various relevant offers. And they’re quite happy to buy in on anything that meets a current need.

This works equally well with affiliate offers or your own products.

The affiliate offers are quicker to set up, so it’s a great way to get started and find out what works for your audience and their interests.

You’ll make more money with your own products and services though, so that should definitely be your goal once you’ve mastered the process.

The good news is, everything here is cumulative, so the funnels you create to promote affiliate offers will continue to work while you’re working on your own products.

Look For Evergreen Appeal

Regardless of whether you use affiliate offers or your own products, the goal should be to create offers with Evergreen Appeal. This is especially important if you’re using Lead Magnets…

If your gift loses relevance and appeal, your funnel is dead in the water, so you want to focus on creating content that promises real solutions to timeless problems.

Likewise your offer needs to be based on a legit solution to an issue, not just the latest gimmick.

That’s why most Hot Launch offers don’t last…

There’s no real substance to them because they’re either based on some gimmick which doesn’t stand up to any real testing…

Or else they use a loophole that is inevitably closed… if it ever existed in the first place.

The focus is on the offer, not the product, so it’s never going to stand the test of time.

So what subjects are evergreen?

Basically all the fundamentals of doing business online have potential, because they are problems or challenges that everyone needs help with

    • Everybody needs more Traffic.
    • Everyone wants to build a bigger Email List.
    • Who wouldn’t want to write better Sales Copy?
    • How many newbies need help with WordPress?
    • Who can keep track of all the Social Media options?

Obviously a lot of things will change over time, so if you take this route you do need to make sure the information you share remains current… but compared to making a whole new launch offer, updating an ebook or video once a year is a walk in the park!

Timeless Engaging Emails

If you’re driving traffic to offers using autoresponder emails, you need to make sure they remain current and relevant as well.

Fortunately the best emails for getting traffic to offers also tend to be fairly vague!

When you’re writing these you don’t want to give too much away, because you want the reader to click through for more information.

So this lack of detail means if you do decide to change some details of your offer, it probably won’t require an update of the emails.

That said, you should always watch your stats so if they start to tail off, you can get in quickly and make any necessary changes.

Sales Page Considerations

If you’re looking to keep a Funnel generating opt-ins and sales, it can help if you make a few aesthetic changes from time to keep it looking fresh.

A lot of people will bookmark a sales page and come back later, just as a lot of people will see a landing page multiple times before they decide to opt-in.

So it makes sense to shake it up from time to time, especially if you noticed your stats dropping off at all. In this area, little things can make all the difference..

    • Change up the color scheme
    • Look for fresh new design elements
    • Try a more current headline & copy
    • Look for a new angle or key benefit
    • Swap out the main image…

If you’re using videos, often just re-recording the voice over for the intro and close can create a fresh new angle…

The core elements in the middle can stay the same because the substance of your offer hasn’t changed. But then you can totally re-frame the offer simply by changing what you say, even if the on-screen images remain the same too.

Tracking and Statistics

If you have good tracking in place generating detailed statistics, you can monitor all these elements and more. You should be able to get a quick snapshot of how your entire business is performing at any given time, plus you need to know how individual funnels are going as well.

Then anytime there is an issue with an individual funnel dropping off, you should have the ability to zoom in on each specific step to identify the problem area…

And once you know exactly ‘where‘ your numbers are falling off, you can look for the elements that might be hurting you. Often these will jump out at you as being a bit outdated or irrelevant, but other times you might have to do a few split tests to find the culprit.

Either way, the key is to have good tracking in place… and to be monitoring that information so you can spot any problems and act on them.

Pricing Your Offers

When sales start to decline, the temptation will often be to simply drop your price. Personally I always prefer to value-add than to discount… it just makes more sense to increase the value before you decrease the price

With older offers, have a look at all the bonus and lead magnet content you’ve created since you originally set the offer up, and see if there’s anything you’ve made for other offers that might be relevant to this one too?

I’ll often do this in reverse

When I create new content, I’ll check all my existing offers and see if it’s relevant to any of them.

If it is, I’ll just add it to the offer immediately, before the stats start to drop off!

It can be worth a quick look through one of the better PLR archive sites to see if there’s anything new that might work. A lot of new material gets released all the time, and if you keep an eye out you will find some gems.

Your best option will usually be to review the offer and see what’s changed.

    • Is it dropping off because it doesn’t work any more?
    • Is it because the problem it addresses has changed?
    • Or do people just not use the underlying process anymore?

From there you can decide if there’s now a better way to be consuming this product? Or if you need to re-frame the purpose to suit current market requirements?

This is particularly effective if it’s your product…

  • If it’s still working well straight out of the box, think about some sort of case-study?
  • If you’ve modified they way you use it, think about a checklist or cheatsheet sharing your strategy.
  • If you stopped using it because to stopped working, see if you can find a way to make it work?
  • If you can’t get it to work, drop it entirely!

That last one should be a no-brainer. You don’t want to be promoting anything you KNOW does not work… so if you can’t make it happen, do a little research online and see if anyone else has a strategy that works?

If you can’t find anything, just let it go.

Affiliate Offer Pricing

You obviously have zero control over other people’s offers, so your only option is to do what you can at your end to make the offer more attractive.

So all the value add options above will work here, if you think it’s worth it

A lot of marketers will go straight to the mega-discount option as sales slow down. So if you’re not paying attention, you might find a product that used to pay you $25 commissions might now only be paying $2.50.

So you need to decide whether it’s a suitable return for your efforts?

Or more to the point, whether you might get a better return if you redirect that funnel to a better value offer? If the funnel is still functioning, it’s usually far easier to replace the backend offer than start from scratch.

This is one more reason not to promote Hot Launch offers too much.

Once the launch is over, most of these end up in the bargain bin

Many never get past the penny-sale level during the launch and just get left in the affiliate marketplace at those prices.

The front-end product was only ever intended to be a tripwire offer and without the frenzy of a big launch, all those back-end offers don’t amount to much on your bottom-line.

So if you invested any time and effort setting up your own promos, you can kiss it all goodbye the minute the next new launch rolls along…

The good news is, as you get more experience building your funnels, you’ll start to see plenty of options for swapping out offers

Especially if you build funnels based on the ‘timeless’ evergreen themes mentioned above… products and services based on sound practical solutions to ongoing problems.

Do that, and anytime one offer stops converting, you can easily replace it with a newer solution that’s working in the current environment!

OK, hopefully that’s given you a few ideas for how you can design your individual conversion funnels, and connect them up to drive your complete business.

Just before we get to the how to section of this training, I want to take a quick look at some of the little extras you can add into your funnels to seriously ramp up your conversions…

Conversion Funnel Power Plays