Funnel Lead Magnets

There was a long time when everyone referred to these as Money Magnets and Bribes… and I’m really glad most marketers seem to have moved past it.

It’s kind of tacky, but it’s also seriously missing the point.

This needs to be totally about Your Prospect…

Giving them something of Real Value to establish your bona fides.

Money Magnets implies you’re somehow sucking their money out of their wallet into yours…

Bribes give the impression you are forcing them to do something they wouldn’t normally do.

Neither one is a healthy way to connect with another human being!

And both approaches mean that most people are skeptical and suspicious of any sort of opt-in.

Take a lesson from traditional business instead.

Most offline businesses just starting out will invest real time and effort in getting to know their markets and their typical customers.

      • Who they are?
      • What are they like?
      • What do they like?
      • What problems are they facing?
      • What are they looking for when they buy your stuff…

When you combine that kind of thinking with whatever offer you might be promoting…

      • What your visitor will do with it,
      • What their expectations are?
      • What’s their ideal outcome from the purchase?

Then you’ll start to have some practical ideas on how you can add real value to that process FOR THEM.

And whatever you come up with, it will be apparent to anyone who visits your pages that you have put real thought into it…

And that will set you well apart from the crowd of marketers out there trying to trick people into opting in for stuff they don’t really want!

Lead Magnet Options and Formats

If you put the serious thought into ‘what’ you want to offer, actually creating it will be a breeze.

It should be really quick too, because these should not be big or complex items. Most will address one very specific issue or question or challenge… and provide an easy, actionable solution that the reader can put to work within minutes.

PDF eBooks & Reports

These shouldn’t be more than a few pages…  You want the reader to consume it fast, so 4-5 is good, 10 is far too many!

This is especially important if you are trying to sell something on the back end… if you give them a 20 page ebook, it might take them a week to get through it. And if they put off making a decision on your offer until after they read the book, then you’ve probably lost them forever by then.

Screen-Capture Videos

These can be very effective, and super simple to make if you focus on sharing solutions to problems.

Use screen-capture software to walk your viewer through how you deal with a particular issue. Record your voice-over describing what you’re doing, as you do it… and that’s it. If you can finish up by showing how ‘the offer’ your promoting actually make the whole process even easier/fast/more profitable… even better!

Keep it short. 10-15 minutes is plenty, and even then consider breaking it into a couple of parts.


Another easy option to tie to your offer… tips for getting more from the product and other shortcuts for implementing solutions etc. If you can use this to demonstrate your own unique approach to a particular problem, and how the product on offer can make that more effective, it will help with sales AND make your buyer even more appreciative of your efforts after they’ve bought.

Ideally these should be 1-2 page PDFs… so they can print it out and consume in seconds, but get value from for a long time after that.


These are similar, but guide the reader through longer, more complex tasks with specific step-by-step instructions.

These can be particularly effective if you can demonstrate the complete process, say steps 1-12 if they reader does it all manually… but then at the end point out that:  the people using XYZ Software can skip steps 3-11

Templates & Swipes

Templates are fill-in-the-blanks, Swipes are copy-and-paste… either one save the user a load of time and effort. So if you have an offer that requires user-prepared content, you can seriously sweeten the deal by offering to share your own templates and/or swipes…


These are essentially Checklists using multi-media… screenshots, videos etc… so I tend to use Checklists for Lead Magnets, and Tutorials for Buyer Bonuses… simply because they are bigger, take longer to consume and more time and effort to create.

That said, keep this on your Lead Magnets ideas list, you never know when it might just be the perfect fit to inspire opt-ins!

Software & Plugins

A lot of people do give away PLR software and WordPress plugins, and it can work really well if you use quality products.  Just be aware, ‘everyone’ is doing it so it’s effectiveness is probably on the decline already.

That why you see people giving away 20+ different plugins on a single offer where a year ago one or two would have gotten the same result!

As more people do it on the cheap, the consumers get more downloads that are is total rubbish… so they’re less likely fall for it next time.

I think a lot of people are also wising up to the fact that most PLR plugins are just slightly-reworked versions of the free ones in the WordPress archive… so at least if you use those, the get updated and there might be some support!

As for the software, most of the cheap/PLR stuff is crap… some of it has been doing the rounds for years, and just reappear with a new set of box covers every now and then.

So if you do it, focus on relevance and quality.

If you have an idea that is totally relevant, but you can’t find the quality to need… my advice would be to  consider getting it made on rather than putting out more rubbish. The custom coding is cheaper than you’d expect, especially for simple WordPress plugins…

And if the feedback is good, you can add it to the WP archive for more trafficor even set up to sell it!

Membership Site Trials

If the service you are promoting is offered via a membership website, you can always talk to the owner about offering a free trial to your list. Tell them you want an exclusive sign up page that shows your name or brand… and anyone you send will be given some sort of free trial that isn’t available to the general public.

Most membership site owners will jump at this if their membership software supports it.

After all, you are sending them more prospects, they should get some permanent sign ups out of it, and either way their list grows… and all they had to do was set up one simple web page…

So you just set up your own landing page describing the special/exclusive free trial you’ve arranged just for your subscribers… optin here to join my newsletter and I’ll send you a link to the free trial…


These are just a combination of any of the items above, and can be super effective. They do break the rule on being easily/quickly consumed though, so I mostly use these for offer bonuses.

That said, if you have created the items for other offers, and you find a single offer where multiple items are relevant, put together a toolkit package as an opt-in lead magnet and you will get some great results!

Link Jacking

This is a little different but worth a quick mention. Here you’re simply offering a link to some other content of value or interest… a video, a blog post, an offer… even someone else’s offer and/or download…

But as soon as they click the link, the opt-in form pops up while the target page opens underneath.

So people automatically opt-in to access the content they’ve already decided they want to see…

So this method doesn’t actually require you have your own lead magnet, but what I do instead is make sure the very first email they get from me includes a surprise/unadvertised bonus directly related to whatever it was they we trying to view when they opted in.

Final Thoughts On Lead Magnets

I can’t stress enough, these don’t need to be  expensive or extensive. Regardless of the format, each one should be a simple solution to a common problem, faced by someone who would be an ideal customer for your back-end product.

The more you can work in reverse like that the better…

    • Here’s the offer…
    • This is the person who might buy it…
    • This is what they’re struggling with right now…
    • If I  help them with that first, they might buy the offer later…

And even if they don’t buy immediately, they’ll still be on your list, so you still have the opportunity to offer them something they do need next time!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking quantity will make make up for poor quality. You’ll get far better results with one practical, relevant cheatsheat, than an entire library of 20 irrelevant PLR ebooks.

Some of the most effective add-ons I’ve offered have been simple checklists… promising to walk the reader through my method for doing xyz… where xyz is whatever the affiliate offer product is promising to help with.

Do it well and this can be a double winner when it gets the opt-ins and, if you use your affiliate link in the PDF, you pick up extra sales of the affiliate offer as well!

OK, that’s my take on lead magnets… I hope the approach makes sense and you’ve got a few ideas you can put to work on your own opt-in pages. I’ve got a couple of downloads if you need more ideas or a simple system for creating these in a hurry… check the Resources section when you’ve completed the training modules.

For now, it’s on to the next components…

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