Funnel Delivery Pages

You have a couple of options here, depending mostly on whether you need your subscribers to confirm their email address or not, and whether you have an offer for them after they opt-in?

The standard approach looks something like this…

Opt-in => Thank You Page … Email => Download Page

After your visitor opts-in to your list, you should always send them to a Thank You page, ie DO NOT send them directly to your Download Page. That link is only provided via email, to ensure the address is valid and they complete any verification/confirmation steps.

So using a Thank You page performs a couple of important jobs…

1. It lets the lead know they do need to use a valid email address if they want your gift.

I couldn’t tell you how often I get repeat submissions because the first email someone entered was not valid. I don’t know whether it deliberate or accidental? But I do know I would never have gotten the valid address if I’d sent them straight to the Download page.

2. It gives you a brief period time where you have their complete attention!

They’ve decided they want something from you, so they will pay attention now until they get it! So this is where a lot of people make an offer for a related product or service…

Let them know straight away  that their download has not been sent yet!

You don’t want them going off to check their email yet, so tell them it will be 5 minutes, and hour… or however long you need them to stay and pay attention for…

(Make sure you set your autoresponder to wait that long too!)

So if you need 5 minutes to make your offer, set your autoresponder to wait 5 minutes and tell them it will take 5-10 minutes to process their request and send the email…

3. You can use that time to pre-sell an offer.

First up you need to communicate a bit of house-keeping information here…

An email will arrive in 10-15 minutes, make sure you whitelist our address, check your junk folder etc.

… so it’s not the best place to launch into a full sales pitch. You do have their undivided attention though, so you can use this opportunity to pre-sell the offer.

After the instructions, transition into explaining the benefits to them if they click the link below to look over the offer. This tends to work better if it doesn’t look too salesly, so you use the standard landing page elements, but aim for a more subtle feel…

    • Add a strong question-headline but not so big or bold.
    • Include a short benefit-rich introduction, but connect it to the gift they’ve just requested and the problem it solves.
    • Use a few good bullet points, but not too many and keep the graphics low key.
    • Have a clear CTA, but use a link instead of a button.

This works particularly well for relevant affiliate offers, especially if you can frame it as a solution to the problem they just acknowledged they faced, when they requested your lead magnet…

4. It’s also a very good time to ask a favour!

As a minimum, you should offer some social buttons and ask them to share your website so their friends can benefit from the information or freebie etc to. Make sure you set it up to share the optin page link, not the download page!

Another good option is a quick poll or survey. This can be as simple as asking them to check their interests from a list of subjects, so you can cover them in a future blog post or newsletter etc.

Or perhaps something to help you understand your readers better… ask about their experience doing business online, how successful are they so far etc.

Any responses will be a bonus. The real value is that you’ll have gotten them to do something for you.

This sort of reciprocity is powerful…

When you do stuff for them, they think you must like them.

But when you get them to do stuff for you, you make them to think that they must like you to be doing this…

OK, while you’re doing all that, an email arrives…

If you need them to confirm the opt-in, you simply set it up so the autoresponder sends them to your download page after they confirm.

Otherwise, you just include a direct link to the download page.

There’s no need to overthink the email… they want the item so they’ll barely read a word of this one and just look for the link to click…

The Download page can be super-simple…

A stripped down version of your landing page with a link to the item…

Or you can use a standard page on your website, with links to all your other content.

I use both depending on which website I’m running the campaign through, and what other related offers or resources I have to link to.

If it’s a one-off offer that they’ve already seen on the Thank You Page, I’ll often just make a Download page on my blog. That gives them a glimpse of what else I have to offer… which helps with my email open rates and link clicks to blog posts etc.

Other times, if I didn’t push the offer on the Thank You page, I’ll do it here instead, using a very similar landing-page approach

Here’s your download and here’s something that’s even better if you’re struggling with xyz and need even more help… check it out!

On the rare occasions I don’t have a specific back end offer like this, I have a snippet of html code that I can copy straight into any webpage or WordPress blog.

That displays a couple of big graphic ads for two of my own sites. Then there’s a bit of a gap and some banners and text ads which earn me credits to keep my ads showing on other sites.

Creating These Pages

If you’re using a landing page style, it’s really just a matter of making a copy of your landing page for this campaign, and editing the details.

If you’re using a standard blog page, it’s just a matter of adding the required info through the text editor.

Either way, we’ll give you a couple of examples in the practical part of this guide, so you can set those up as templates if you want, to keep it really simple.

For now though, we’ll take a quick look at your options for presenting an offer to your new subscribers…

Monetizing Your Conversion Funnels