CoinPayments Issues

We’ve had a number of issues lately with people wanting to pay for their Add-Ons using CoinPayments and not being able to.  There’s two main problems… one is people using an incorrect ID in their AdCards settings, and the other is people NOT selecting which currencies they are willing to accept.

Your Merchant ID:

Look for this under Account => Account Settings.

Your merchant ID is shown at the top of the page area. Be sure to copy the full string of text without any spaces at either end.


CoinPayment Coin Acceptance Settings:

Look for this under Account => Coin Acceptance Settings

The very first column is the ‘Enabled’ checklist… you should have any currencies you want ot accept ‘checked’.

As a minimum I’d recommend Bitcoin, LiteCoin, XRP, Cardano, Hedera and Solana. There are plenty of others to choose from if you want, but these are some I’m personally trying to accumulate going into the next bull market. You can check and see if there are others you might specifically want to accumulate or to spend on specific sites or services.

Under the Ripple tab, you’ll find you can also enable Ripple (recommended) and a couple of fiat currencies. If you don’t offer PayPal, this is also recommended. If you have PayPal enabled, then that will usually be a better option for you and your customers.


Finally, it should go without saying, but please take the time to test the checkout.

You’ll need to use a different wallet to send the coin to CoinPayments (use Coinbase if you don’t already have one) and it will cost you a couple of dollars in fees, but it will save you a whole lot more than that if something isn’t set up properly!

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